Harlequin Desire #2388
ISBN: 978-0-373-73401-6
July 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Island off the Coast of Portugal – Present Day

After being betrayed by his fiancée, Prince Lucas Silva broke off the engagement and retreated to a remote seaside villa along with his trusted personal assistant, Kate Barton. Never mind that watching Kate prancing around in a bikini has his mind wandering in places it shouldn't despite the royal rule of not getting involved with the help. In his current state of mind he's quick tempered, and after a row with Kate, he storms away, only to slip and fall, hitting his head on the boat dock. When Lucas awakens, he can't remember the past year or so, but remembers he was engaged. He thinks Kate is his fiancée.

Kate is torn by Lucas's mistaken belief they're engaged. The doctor suggests that she go along with the ruse and let the memories return for Lucas naturally. But as she's his fiancée he wants to be loving towards her and expects the same from her. For Kate, loving Lucas is something that is true, but showing it might end up with her making a fool of herself when his memory returns. But Lucas is persistent in wanting to get back to “normal” with his life—including their making love. How long can she fend him off before he realizes they're not engaged? Or will she give in to the passion that sizzles between them?

Kate and Lucas are alone at his isolated home that he's been refurbishing to work off his frustration after learning that his fiancée had tricked him into thinking she was pregnant to trap him into marriage. The press is having a field day, so he escaped the palace, along with his trusted aide, Kate. Deep down Lucas has had a thing for Kate but kept his feelings under wraps because, due to royal decree, he can't get involved with palace staffers. But Kate is on his mind as he slips and falls, only to find he's unable to remember the past year. Kate is there for him, so he mistakenly thinks she is the fiancée he vaguely remembers. Now able to show her the passion he feels for her, he can't wait to make love to her, but she keeps him at an arm's length…at first.

Kate's conscience is running sky high. If she lets Lucas have his way with her, it can only destroy their business and personal friendship. But Kate has secretly loved Lucas, so it doesn't take too much persuasion to let him make love to her. Will it turn out to be the biggest mistake she's made? Yet the longer his memory eludes him, the deeper Kate falls in love, even as she knows he'll hate her for what he'll see as her deception.

Kate is in a royal mess in A ROYAL AMNESIA SCANDAL by Jules Bennett. Given the freedom to express his desire for Kate has Lucas ready to hop in the sack, despite her requests for them to “hold off” while he recovers. Readers know he will be annoyed to learn her part in the charade, but will he forgive her? An intriguing romance, grab a copy of A ROYAL AMNESIA SCANDAL to find out all the juicy details.

Patti Fischer