Harlequin Desire #2219
ISBN: 978-0-373-73232-6
March 2013
Series Romance

Galini Isle and Hollywood, California – Present Day

Why not marry her best friend to help him out and to also prove to the world she's over a disastrous relationship with another man? When Prince Stefan Alexander of Galini Isle proposes a temporary marriage to Victoria Dane so that he can claim his rightful spot as King and she can repair her reputation, she only worries if their friendship will remain unchanged. Stefan and Victoria have known each other since they were teens, so marrying someone she's friends with seems like a good idea—even if the agreement is for it to be a “in name only” marriage. Yet there's no denying the sizzling passion between Victoria and Stefan, but dare they act upon these feelings and destroy their friendship?

Stefan promises Victoria a fairytale life as his consort, albeit the plan is for their marriage to last long enough for him to ascend to the throne to claim the title that should be his after his father's death. An annoying quirk in the Galini laws requires that Stefan marry first, so he looks to his best friend Victoria to help him out. Victoria is slowly building a successful clothing design business, and with Stefan's help and influence, he can provide her with the necessities to achieve even greater success. As they begin married life, their friendship turns to “friends with benefits,” and Victoria finds herself falling in love with Stefan. But he prefers their marriage to remain unchanged, with love not being a part of it. The nights are hard for her as their passion flares to new heights. Soon, Victoria has to get away from her husband in order to protect her now fragile heart from breaking. But it may break even more when she learns that Stefan also has an ulterior motive for marrying her—using her ties to her famous family's Hollywood connections.

Readers may remember Victoria from CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT and WHATEVER THE PRICE as the only daughter of famous actress Olivia Dane. In BEHIND PALACE DOORS she's managed to forge her own identity as a clothes designer, yet she still has to dodge the press over a failed relationship with a scoundrel who was using her connections to get what he wanted. Is Stefan also only using her to gain access? Stefan is charming and has a reputation as a playboy, yet Victoria thought she knew the real man, so marrying him should be easy. But she didn't count on falling in love with Stefan, or that it would hurt when she learns of his betrayal. The steamy love scenes will have reader reaching for a cold drink and commiserating with Victoria when she may have changed the nature of their relationship by falling in love with Stefan. Can their marriage be saved?

A marriage begun as a deal to save a kingdom turns into passion, but can love save the day? Find out for yourself in reading the intriguing and enjoyable BEHIND PALACE DOORS.

Patti Fischer