Two Brothers , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2686
ISBN: 978-1-335-60388-3
September 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Sunset Cove, California – Present Day

Ethan Michaels is a man on a mission. He plans to take back the exclusive resort that his stepfather, Robert Anderson, stole from Ethan and his brother, Dane, when they were teens after their mother died. Ethan is currently staying at the resort awaiting the oft-delayed arrival of Robert and having a fling with beautiful Harper Williams to pass the time. Ethan knows he can't let Harper distract him, but she is too tempting. Then, Harper stuns him by announcing that she's pregnant with his child. While he ponders what to do, his investigator learns that Robert has a daughter. Her name is…Harper Williams.

Harper didn't learn about her father until she and her twin sister were twenty. Her relationship with Robert is tenuous at best, but after the tragic death of her sister, Harper is trying to forge a connection with him by redesigning the rooms at the resort. After learning she's pregnant, she is in awe at the thought of having a beautiful baby with a man she is surely falling in love with. A baby will help her get past the mourning she's been in after losing her sister. Her world is perfect. For now…

In CALIFORNIA SECRETS, readers know that when Harper realizes the real reason why Ethan is there that she will be devastated. It doesn't help that after Ethan learns of her connection with Robert that he begins to think of how he can use her to hurt her father. Will this be the end of Ethan and Harper? His vendetta has festered inside him for years, and now he has Robert cornered. How does Ethan plan to force Robert to hand him over the resort? Blackmail, of course.

Harper is oblivious to Ethan's plans and what Robert had done to him. How will she react when she finds out? Will she choose sides? Most of her life she has been the responsible sister and getting involved with Ethan was a way for her to spread her wings. Now she faces the prospect of getting hurt.

An intense and emotional read, CALIFORNIA SECRETS will pull you in after you learn about the heartache in Harper's and Ethan's pasts. They initially plan to start a future together but have to deal with the past first. CALIFORNIA SECRETS is the second (and final) book in the  Two Brothers  series by Jules Bennett about their quest to reclaim their properties from Robert Anderson. The first one in the series was MONTANA SEDUCTION. Be sure to look for that. Will Ethan and Harper make it work? Find out in this
ntriguing tale.

Patti Fischer