CAUGHT UP IN YOU – Jules Bennett
The Monroes , Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-4201-3910-5
December 2016
Contemporary Romance

Haven, Georgia – Present Day

Braxton Monroe and his two brothers, Liam and Zach, are close to opening the spa they're dedicating to the memory of their late sister, Chelsea. A masseuse needs to be hired, and Braxton has been instructed by Zach's fiancée, Sophie, to get a massage first from their potential employee without being introduced to her. He enjoys the massage so much, he wants to not only hire her, but get to know her better. Turns out that the massage therapist, Cora Buchanan, is blind. How can she work out if she can't see?

Cora is blind due to Macular Degeneration and is determined to be independent. Her wealthy family in Atlanta wants to coddle and protect her, and she walked away from them and their hand-picked fiancé to start a new life. She has a Seeing Eye dog, Heidi, who is invaluable in helping her get around, but the job at the spa is needed to help financially so she doesn't have to end up returning to Atlanta. Braxton is not only kind and funny, but he understands her need for independence. Cora is not ready to get involved with another man; yet, wherever she turns, Braxton is there. They're building a friendship, one that soon turns to love.

CAUGHT UP IN YOU is a beautiful and sweet tale that will leave you feeling good. Both Braxton and Cora are good people and will do whatever it takes to get the job done despite the odds. While he first questioned her ability to work at the spa, Braxton realized that Cora can do just about anything she wants, even letting her drive his car. He's wonderful with her and the dog, and their romance is a slow building fire that soon turns into fiery passion. The Monroe family has been shaped by tragedy, from the accident Liam and Zach were in ten years ago, to the death of Chelsea. But they've come together to build their sister's dream in her honor.

Cora's parents are controlling and became even more so after she began to lose her eyesight. Growing up, she didn't think too much about the fact they put business over family, or that they weren't too loving toward her, but going blind has her seeing (no pun intended) their relationship with her in a different light. She doesn't like it, and in order to stop them she has to “run away” to the Georgia coast. Cora doesn't want Braxton to coddle her, yet she cherishes their moments together. Falling in love is a wonderful thing.

Having not read the first book in The Monroes series by Jules Bennett, I had no trouble following along in CAUGHT UP IN YOU, though it makes me want to pick it up. That tale is WRAPPED IN YOU and features Zach and Sophie, who both appear prominently in CAUGHT UP IN YOU. While this book does take place around the Christmas holidays, that season is mostly in the background.

A lovely and enjoyable tale that will envelope you in the warmhearted romance of Braxton and Cora, grab a cup of hot chocolate and immerse yourself in CAUGHT UP IN YOU.

Patti Fischer