Harlequin Desire #2148
ISBN: 978-0-373-73161-9
March 2012
Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Hollywood movie mogul Bronson Dane is suspicious of his mother's new personal assistant, Mia Spinelli, as she had recently worked for—and been scandalously linked to—his fiercest rival. With a secret movie deal in the works, has Mia been planted to spy on him? His mother, Hollywood legend Olivia Dane, sings the praises of Mia, and Bronson decides the best way to learn the truth about Mia's motives is to get really close to her. Bronson orders Mia to attend the Cannes Film Festival with him and provides her with the gowns befitting his date. However, when Mia walks out dressed to the nines, he suddenly wants to whisk her off her feet and carry her to bed. Can Bronson overcome his lust for Mia to get at the truth?

Mia isn't spying on Bronson and his family. She enjoys working for Olivia, even as Bronson intimidates her with his good looks and powerful attitude. Being around him makes her nervous, especially when she acknowledges part of it is because she's attracted to him. Forced to accompany him to Cannes , it doesn't take long for Mia to fall under his seductive spell. But reality comes to the forefront when he walks away after their one magical night together. Did Mia make a mistake bedding her employer's son? What about the secret she carries that could destroy his family's reputation? Can she forget Bronson? But when Mia starts experiencing morning sickness, she has a feeling her life is about to change.

Passion, power, and rivalry in Hollywood highlight Jules Bennett's CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT. Mia is loyal and dedicated to her employers, both present and past, so when she inadvertently learns a secret involving Bronson and his mother, she struggles with how she can sleep with him and not reveal the truth. After they become lovers in Cannes , it all ends abruptly when Bronson leaves on an extended business trip. His return—and her possible pregnancy—drive a wedge between them that leaves Mia in tears. Raised in foster homes after the devastating death of her parents, having a baby should be the happiest time in her life, but not when Bronson is tossing accusations at her. He's a jerk, but maybe after having another woman claim to be pregnant with his baby, which nearly destroyed his faith in women, one can't blame him for having trust issues. Add in that he's trying to broker a major movie deal that he wants to announce soon and his rival lurks in the background, he can't help but wonder if he's been set up with the beautiful Mia as the bait.

An intriguing look at the people who live and breathe the Hollywood life, CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT still has at its core a couple who discover an intense attraction for each other. Bronson wasn't looking for love, but one look at the beautiful Mia and he's hooked. But can he get over his insecurities about love and give his heart to Mia? A passionate and enjoyable tale, I highly recommend CAUGHT IN THE SPOTLIGHT.

Patti Fischer