Dynasties: Beaumont Bay , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2811
ISBN: 978-1-335-23296-0
July 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Beaumont Bay, Tennessee Present Day

Luke Sutherland and Cassandra Taylor were once together but broke up when he wouldn't offer her an engagement ring. She has built a new life as a wedding planner, while he has used his family's fortune to help build a successful bar in Beaumont Bay. But for Luke, success has also brought him celebrity status, which has led to him being named a top bachelor by the media. Luke's brother Will is about to marry his fiancée, Hannah, and they need a wedding planner. Cassandra arrives at Luke's office and asks that he put in a good word to the happy couple to hire her. He is surprised to see her, but her arrival also gives him an idea. He asks her to not only be his date to the wedding but to pretend that they are engaged so that the bevy of women chasing him will back off. In exchange, Luke will recommend her services to his brother's fiancée. Cassandra accepts but worries that their old attraction will flair up. Can they act like lovers when they really aren't?

It's a reunion of lovers and former friends in FAKE ENGAGEMENT, NASHVILLE STYLE, the third book revolving around the Sutherland brothers, a wealthy and prominent family involved in the country music scene. Luke chose to give up his romance with Cassandra in order to build a business empire. She walked away when he wouldn't give her the ring she wanted. But here they are, back in the same sphere, and the old feelings resurface. Luke is still as sexy and handsome as Cassandra remembers, but with an added twist that he's now a sought-after bachelor. He hates the attention and sees Cassandra as the perfect buffer between him and the constant bevy of women chasing him. However, being around each other has the desire ramping up again. It's only a matter of time before they find themselves back in bed together.

Luke knows why Cassandra left him, but what she doesn't know is that he was about to propose. He could've gone after her, but he chose not to. Having her back in his life makes him realize how much he missed her. Can he redo the wrong and make it right? Or has too much happened in the years they've been apart? Cassandra tries hard to resist Luke, but his kisses only remind her of what they once had. Once the wedding is over, their plans are to part again. Will they change their minds?

A sizzling tale of a second chance at love. Will it work this time? Find out the answer by pick up FAKE ENGAGEMENT, NASHVILLE STYLE.

Patti Fischer