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Business and Babies , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2931
ISBN: 978-1-335-588170-9
March 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Northern California – Present Day

Nora Monroe has worked with brothers Zane and Cruz Westbrook for years in their company and they rely on her. She considers them her friends, but one night in the office, Zane and Nora have sex. It was to be a one-time thing, with both pretending afterward to ignore what happened. But a few weeks later, Nora takes a pregnancy test. She is pregnant with Zane’s child. She isn’t sure how to tell him because the news will have consequences. She can’t lose her job or their friendship. But after she calls in sick due to morning sickness, he arrives at her home and presses her to get medical help. Nora decides to tell him the truth.

Zane is stunned that their one time together created a child. Both agree that since Cruz is out of town they need to wait to tell him in person. Meanwhile, Nora’s house is being renovated and the noise and smells are not good for the baby. Zane insists that she move into his home until hers is done. After moving in, the desire that had existed that night they had sex rises once more. Soon, they are making love every night in his bed. Are they building a possible future together, or are they only fooling themselves?

FRIENDS…WITH CONSEQUENCES is a friends-to-lovers tale that is beautifully told. While Nora is the Westbrook brothers’ employee, she is on equal footing with them. She has never once thought of them as romantic partners—until that night with Zane. She fears how Cruz will feel about his brother getting her pregnant, even though it was a mutual fling. Once she is living under Zane’s roof, she starts to feel attracted to him. Is it just pregnancy hormones, or is she falling in love with him? Even though Zane treats her as an equal at work, at home he tends to pressure Nora because he wants what is best for her and the baby. Of course, she resists, as she values her independence. Once her house is ready, she plans to return home and make a life with her baby. Not that she would ever deny Zane access to his child…

Zane and Nora have to navigate the reality they created a child together in FRIENDS…WITH CONSEQUENCES. It’s clear they are attracted to each other, but they don’t want to jeopardize their long-term friendship. Can they make their relationship work, one that includes finding love together? Find out the answer by grabbing a copy of FRIENDS…WITH CONSEQUENCES.

Patti Fischer

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