Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2713
ISBN: 978-335-20889-7
February 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

After Sophie Blackwood lost her family home to her late father's ex-wife through his will, she vowed to find out dirt on her ex-stepmother to prove the woman was a scammer. In order to do this, Sophie dyes her hair and heads to New York City to get a job working undercover in the production office of her stepmother's reality TV show. She is hired by the CEO, Nigel Townshend, to be his assistant. The man is devastatingly attractive, and Sophie soon realizes that she may be falling for her sexy (and British) boss. Will she end up in bed with him?

As the head of the company, Nigel is trying to figure out how to increase the ratings of the show. His new assistant, Sophie, has some great ideas, and he soon finds himself wanting to spend time out of the office with her. They click in many ways, and when he needs a “plus one” for his sister's wedding in England, he asks her to accompany him. Of course, he hopes they'll be sharing a room…

It's a boss/employee romance in FROM BOARDROOM TO BEDROOM by Jules Bennett, the latest tale in the Texas Cattleman's Club: Inheritance series. Sophie and her two brothers were stunned to learn that their ex-stepmother, Miranda, inherited the mansion that has been in the family for generations. Sophie is determined to turn the tables on Miranda, but she may be the one who pays the price after falling for Nigel. So far, she has managed to avoid running into Miranda, otherwise, the jig would be up if her ruse is discovered. The sexual attraction between Sophie and Nigel is intense, but can she walk away from him once she finds incriminating info on Miranda?

Nigel has worked hard to make his company successful. He hasn't had a need for a woman in his life, but Sophie (or Roslyn, as he knows her) soon has him rethinking his original plans. Their time together is special, and he begins to envision something more between them. How will he react when he learns Sophie is not who she says she is? Would he kick her out of his life…forever?

A sexy and entertaining romance with a couple who have been meandering through life with love not on their minds. In FROM BOARDROOM TO BEDROOM, there's soon a change of plans. Be sure to pick up Sophie and Nigel's' book today.

Patti Fischer