Mafia Moguls, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2447
ISBN: 978-0-373-73460-3
May 2016
Contemporary Series Romance

Bora Bora - Present Day

Mac O'Shea and Jenna LeBlanc met years ago and, for various reasons, decided to be friends rather than pursue any romantic relationship between them. Jenna is aware there are rumors surrounding the O'Shea family and their reputed ties to the Mafia, though Mac prefers to keep her in the dark about the truth. However, if she ever needs anything from him, he'll do his best to accommodate her. Arriving on Bora Bora after he receives a frantic call from Jenna, who is there for her sister's wedding, Mac learns she wants him to pretend to be her new boyfriend because the best man is her ex. He agrees, but goes one step further by announcing to everyone that he and Jenna are engaged.

Jenna is shocked by Mac's announcement. He is overriding her wishes in keeping their "relationship" simple by forcing her to appear affectionate towards him. Kiss her best friend? How about if that first kiss makes her want even more? As for Mac, he can't promise Jenna a future as her husband, but he wants to find out if the sexy chemistry between them can lead to a fling. Once the wedding is over, they can go back to being friends. Or, can they?

Best friends to lovers is always a good romantic read in my book and FROM FRIEND TO FAKE FIANCÉ fits the bill. They could've had a shot at dating years ago, but Mac liked Jenna from the start and they agreed to keep things platonic. She's heard the whispers about Mac's family's Mafia ties, and while she tends to turn a blind eye to his doings, she can't ignore it when they're holed up in a bungalow together at Bora Bora. Mac isn't telling her there is something going on that is dividing his attention between her and "work" because he doesn't want to involve her. Jenna thinks they can room together without giving in to the hot passion that lingers just below the surface, though Mac hopes things heat up.

Jenna's ex hasn't given up on her and continues to pester her on the island. Mac acts as a buffer, but it only intensifies the attraction that's come to life between them. Add in that there are wedding preparations going on, and soon Jenna can't help but wonder what it'd be like to marry Mac. However, Mac knows that with his dangerous family business, he can't bring a woman he loves into the fold. Even if that woman is Jenna…

Part of the Mafia Moguls series by Jules Bennett, FROM FRIEND TO FAKE FIANCÉ could be read alone, but I highly recommend picking up the first book, TRAPPED WITH THE TYCOON, as the storyline of the missing scrolls continue to mystify Mac and his family.

They started out as friends and now they're morphing into lovers in FROM FRIEND TO FAKE FIANCE. Will Mac see that Jenna is the woman for him and take her as his wife? Find out in this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer