Dynasties: Seven Sins , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2750
ISBN: 978-1-335-20926-9
August 2020

Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Chase Hargrove has been successful in making money through the years, but now he's on a mission of revenge to become the CEO of Black Crescent. When he was a teenager, he watched as his father got falsely implicated in the scandal perpetrated by Vernon Lowell, the founder of Black Crescent who disappeared before he could be charged and convicted. The scars of the scandal run deep inside Chase, and his secret plan is to become the CEO and then systematically tear down the company. Meanwhile, one perk of meetings at Black Crescent is interacting with the current CEO's personal assistant, Haley Shaw. If he can get close to her, maybe he can find out some damaging information that he can use in bringing down the company in case he doesn't get the CEO job.

Haley isn't sure what to think about Chase's interest in her. On one hand, she enjoys the flirty banter between them, but she also realizes that if he gets the job, then he will be her boss. After Chase asks her out to dinner—as friends only—she accepts. The attraction that's been building between them turns into a full-fledged inferno. Haley grapples with deciding whether to give in to the desire or keeping their relationship as friends only. Haley decides to do some digging into Chase's past and learns the truth about his past. Why hasn't he been honest about his connection to the company?

A plan of revenge may get in the way of love in HIDDEN AMBITION by Jules Bennett. Chase was affected by what happened to his father—and his mother, as she had a mental breakdown. While he has gone on to find success, he hasn't stopped wanting revenge on the company and family that hurt his parents. The current CEO, Josh Lowell, is not anything like his father and has rebuilt the financial services company after his father robbed the clients and then took off. Haley worked for and knew Vernon Lowell, but she had nothing to do with the scandal. Once she discovers what is in Chase's past, how will she react? Will she confront him, or try to set up a trap to get him to reveal the truth? Or will she just simply go to Josh and tell him?

Chase's first overtures to Haley were nefarious at best. He wanted to charm her and get on her good side, but somewhere along the way, he found himself attracted to her. Chase soon realizes that caring for her may mean that he can't go through with his revenge plans because Haley is so deeply entwined within the company. It is her baby. Meanwhile, their flirting reaches the sleeping together stage. As their feelings deepen, so does their cat and mouse game of her knowing the truth about him and wondering when he will spill the beans.

Corporate and bedroom intrigue is at its best in HIDDEN AMBITION. Is there any way Chase and Haley can get together? Find out by picking up a copy of this sizzling tale.

Patti Fischer