Mafia Moguls , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2482
ISBN: 978-0-373-73495-5
November 2016
Cotemporary Series Romance

Boston, Massachusetts – Present Day

Ryker Barrett thinks of the O'Sheas as his family since they took him under their wings when he was young, and he wouldn't do anything to dishonor their trust of him. However, a few weeks ago in a moment of uncontrolled passion, he made love to his “little sister” Laney O'Shea. Ryker has managed to not be around Laney since, but now that they are working on a case together, they can't avoid each other. Being around her reminds him how the desire he feels for her hasn't died, but he can't betray the family trust—again.

Laney has wanted Ryker for years, but he always kept her at arm's length—until the night they made love. She's now discovered that she's pregnant and isn't sure quite how to let him know because he's as brusque and unreadable as ever. But working on the case throws them together and soon rekindles the flames of passion. Laney lets Ryker know it's what she wants, but he's determined to not give in. But once he finds out she's pregnant, his world is rocked. By breaking the family's trust, did it do irreparable damage?

Ryker never planned to be a father due to the horrid way he was raised by his father after his mother died. He was only saved from his bad life by the O'Shea family, and he's been grateful ever since. Braden and Mac are like his brothers, and he acts as their go-to man to complete complicated and dangerous assignments for them. Laney is the protected “little sister” he has managed to avoid because he's not sure of his feelings for her. That all changed the night he gave into the unbridled passion, and he hopes to put it behind them. He can't avoid Laney, and every moment he's around her, he's reminded of that night. When she finally reveals the news that she's pregnant, he's stunned.

Laney wants Ryker, but if it means having him marry her just for the baby's sake, she plans to be no party to that idea. She reels him into the spirit of Christmas holidays while showing him that she's mature enough to know what she wants. Can Laney get Ryker to fall in love with her, or is she living in a fantasy world? Meanwhile, they're working together to find out who's infiltrated the company and possibly leaking secrets to the Feds. The O'Shea's operate not quite above the law, and if they're exposed, then their lives will explode into nothing.

HOLIDAY BABY SCANDAL takes place during the weeks leading to Christmas, and the cheery holiday will be a hit with readers. Part of the Mafia Moguls series, this tale can be read as a standalone without too much difficulty. Ryker and Laney are clearly meant for each other, and readers will be cheering them on as they walk the path to love in HOLIDAY BABY SCANDAL.

Patti Fischer