Harlequin Desire #2237
ISBN: 978-0-373-73250-0
June 2013
Series Romance

Los Angeles, California – Present Day

Callie Matthews enjoys working for famous Hollywood cosmetic surgeon Noah Foster while she seeks her own fame as an actress. Noah doesn't talk much about his personal life, but Callie suspects that the handsome doctor could just about have any woman he wants, and even has hinted he wants more than a business relationship with her. Just as she has landed a plum acting job that would skyrocket her career, Callie is in a car accident that scars her face. It's Noah who stands by her side, promising her that he'll do anything to heal her face. He even insists that she stay at his house, and Callie, who doesn't have anyone nearby, reluctantly agrees. As the days—and nights—go on, the attraction between her and Noah rises, and soon they're in a passionate affair. They fit well together, but is there any kind of future for them? Callie hopes Noah can make her beautiful again so she can return to pursuing acting jobs, yet deep down she worries what she'll do if that can't happen. She has a family she supports back in Kansas, and right now they're in need of immediate cash. Noah wants her to trust him, yet he refuses to confide in her his own secrets…

Noah has kept his personal life in the dark from those around him because he feels he was a failure. His late fiancée slipped into drug addiction and finally killed herself, and Noah wishes he could have prevented it from happening. He still supports her elderly grandmother whose Alzheimer's disease prevents her from comprehending that her granddaughter is dead. Noah keeps his secret anguish locked inside, even though Callie knows something is wrong. He's a brilliant surgeon, but feels he failed miserably when his ex needed him. He sees Callie as an opportunity to start anew—repair her face and keep her from becoming addicted to pain pills. Noah is a do-gooder, but maybe it's time that he let someone, like Callie, heal his wounds.

Callie didn't have it easy growing up, but she's bloomed into a beautiful woman who hit Hollywood to land a top job. Working for Noah has allowed her to come into contact with people in need, like a burn victim who needs plastic surgery so his looks don't frighten his schoolmates.  Is the reason Noah is helping her because he feels sorry for her? Callie doesn't want pity, but if he can help her, then she's willing to put herself in his hands. Of course, their sizzling attraction only intensifies their connection. Callie wants to know more about Noah, yet he keeps it all locked away. Can she pull the truth out of him?

Jules Bennett returns readers to the city of the rich, beautiful and famous in HOLLYWOOD HOUSE CALL. This tale is filled with emotional angst as both Callie and Noah wage internal wars of conflicting emotions. Callie needs her looks in order to land acting roles. Noah wants to be Mr. Fix-it, but fears failure again. While Noah first thought Callie was similar in looks to his ex, after a while he begins to see the differences. But he's hardened his heart against relationships for fear of failure. Callie has been carrying her family for so long that she soldiers on. Callie and Noah will have to learn to rely on each other to finally learn the truth—they're meant for each other.

A passionate tale that will pull you in and have you rooting for Noah and Callie, HOLLYWOOD HOUSE CALL heats up the pages for a fantastic read I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer