MAID FOR A MAGNATE – Jules Bennett
Dynasties: The Montoros , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2397
ISBN: 978-0-373-73410-8
September 2015
Contemporary Series Romance

Alma – Present Day

After a recent near miss had him almost being forced to marry a princess, billionaire businessman Will Rowling is going after the one that got away: family maid Cat Iberra. Years ago, Will and Cat had a fling, but Will's father threatened him with punishment if he continued the affair. Will reluctantly gave up Cat, but it cost him her friendship. Now that he's gained control of the family business, he plans to permanently oust his father and go after Cat. Will is not looking for a future Mrs. Rowling at this time, so can he only offer her an affair?

Cat and her mother have worked as maids for the Rowling family for years, but Cat plans to only work long enough to earn enough money to pursue her dream as a fashion designer. She never forgave Will for suddenly dumping her years ago, and she has so far remained out of his presence. But now he's everywhere she turns, and it leads to a kiss. Will makes it clear to Cat that he wants her, and she resists his advances, but not for long. Will an affair to slake their thirst for each other be the only thing that will happen?

While Will is not royalty, he certainly is rich, so a relationship with the hired help is frowned upon in their circles. Yet there is no denying the sizzling attraction between them in Jules Bennett's MAID FOR A MAGNATE. For Will, he feels like there's unfinished business with Cat, and he wants to pick up where they left off. Cat has pretty much written him off after he dumped her, and she has no plans to stay very much longer in Alma. Will's pursuit of her is only a temporary bump in her plans, so when he proves to be irresistible, she sees it as something to remember once she's gone. Will doesn't yet know about her future plans, so how will he react when he does?

Will has always been under the rule of his father and recently persuaded him to turn over the CEO duties to him. One of his plans is to totally neutralize his father‘s interference in Will running the company. He also will go against his father's objections of romancing Cat. But how will things change when Will learns that there's a past between his father and Cat's mother? Cat fears she will end up like her mother and be tossed away when Will no longer needs her. She doesn't want to lose her heart to him and also doesn't want her feelings for him to interfere with her plans to leave the island. MAID FOR A MAGNATE is part of the Dynasties: The Montoros series, but it is a standalone tale.

An emotional and engaging tale, MAID FOR A MAGNATE is a rich man/poor girl kind of romance that totally clicks. Cat isn't afraid to tell Will to back off, even if the man charms her to forget her original objections. Their Cinderella romance is one that I highly recommend. Grab a copy of MAID FOR A MAGNATE for a royally good story.

Patti Fischer