Texas Cattleman's Club: Houston , Book 5
Harlequin Desire #2671
ISBN: 978-1-335-60373-9
July 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Houston, Texas Present Day

Paisley Morgan and Lucas Ford were high school sweethearts, but their relationship ended badly. But Paisley now needs Lucas to do something for her. She suspects that her unknown father is none other than billionaire rancher Sterling Perry and she wants Lucas, who is a private investigator, to help her prove it. Lucas agrees, but on one condition: that they marry. She refuses his request at first, but when a devastating financial loss with her wedding gown business leaves her in dire straits, she has no choice, especially since Lucas offers to financially help her. So, she agrees to marry him. What Paisley doesn't know is that Lucas has a plan of revenge against Sterling Perry and will use her to help him gain access. While she only wants to find her father, he wants to use her to destroy Sterling over a bad business deal. How will she react when she finds out?

Paisley had hoped one day to walk down a church aisle wearing the wedding gown of her dreams, but for her vows with Lucas in Las Vegas, she dresses in the most outlandish outfit she can find. But as phony as their marriage will be, the sex will be real as per another of his stipulations. However, once they make love, the sex turns out to be pretty good between them. Meanwhile, Lucas starts searching for clues to determine if Sterling Perry is Paisley's father. It isn't as simple as a DNA test because that would mean showing her hand to the man. Will she find out the truth in MARRIED IN NAME ONLY?

Meanwhile, the continuing storyline in the latest  Texas Cattleman's Club  series is about the mysterious murder that occurred in the basement of the new club in Houston. Sterling Perry was arrested and jailed as the murder suspect, but he is now out. Sterling has his own suspects as to who might be trying to frame him. How will this affect the relationship between Sterling's daughter, Angela, and his rival, Ryder Currin?

Paisley never thought she'd be around Lucas again after their acrimonious breakup, but in MARRIED IN NAME ONLY she becomes his bride. She isn't a happy bride to start, but soon she's enjoying married life a whole lot. Lucas has a plan of revenge against Sterling and has no regrets using Paisley to achieve it. But if he starts to fall for her, will he change his mind? An entertaining tale of revenge and a sensual reunion don't miss the intrigue in MARRIED IN NAME ONLY.

Patti Fischer