Two Brothers , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2680
ISBN: 978-1-335-60382-1
August 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Gold Valley, Montana – Present Day

Dane Michaels arrives at the luxury resort Mirage but not for relaxation. He's there for the sole purpose of spying on the resort manager, Stella Garcia. Dane's late mother founded the resort, however, it was stolen from the rightful heirs, Dane and his brother, by their stepfather, who then lost it to Stella's father. Dane and his brother are attempting to buy the resort, but their efforts are failing. Soon upon arriving, a crisis at the resort has Stella rushing to find a new chef. Dane offers to step in. What a perfect way to get to know how the resort is run than working “inside” it. Soon, Dane is turning his attentions onto Stella. He plans to seduce her. Will it work?

Stella loves running the resort, and if she is successful, her father will turn over the control of it to her. The hotel offers luxurious rooms and seductive fantasy suites for couples. Dane arriving solo does raise an eyebrow, but he quickly explains that he was recently jilted and decided to take advantage of having already booked the penthouse suite. Of course, he's lying, but how long will it take for Stella to learn the truth?

Stella and Dane are attracted to each other, so who knows what would have happened had they met under different circumstances. He starts out with a plan to seduce her, which works all too well. Normally, Stella is buried under work at the resort, but Dane quickly has her distracted. Meanwhile, her father calls her and continues (as usual) to deride her successes at the resort. Will he continue to put obstacles in her plan to gain control of it? Dane is keeping his ears open and understands the pressure Stella is under. Will he attempt to sabotage her? The attraction between Stella and Dane is intense and can't be denied. His real life is on a Montana ranch, while hers revolves around the resort. Is there any chance they can find a way to be together for a lifetime?

Dane continues to be in contact with his brother, Ethan, who is currently in California on his own mission to spy on another resort that their mother founded. MONTANA SEDUCTION is the first book in the Two Brothers series by Jules Bennett. Ethan's story will be coming out in September 2019.

A strong connection between Dane and Stella is one that can't be denied. As they spend time and fall in love, readers will sense that the real reason why he's there could prove to be a barrier to their happiness. Find out how it all plays out in MONTANA SEDUCTION.

Patti Fischer