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ONE STORMY NIGHT – Jules Bennett
Business and Babies , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #6B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45757-8
May 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Northern California – Present Day

Up and coming plus size model Mila Hale arrives in a driving rainstorm at the remote home of billionaire magazine publisher Cruz Westbrook for a photo shoot. Because of the storm, the other people that were supposed to be there were unable to make it. Mila attempts to leave—despite Cruz telling her that she won’t get far—and discovers that the rising waters have washed out the bridge. Now Mila is forced to stay with Cruz for an undetermined amount of time. The man is devastatingly attractive, and it might prove hard for her to not fall for his charms. 

Cruz is attracted to Mila, but he is well aware that mixing business with pleasure might be a recipe for disaster in ONE STORMY NIGHT by Jules Bennett. The storm is swirling around them, but it can’t match the swirl of passion flaring between them. Mila grew up with a father who thought she was nothing but a failure who would not make it on her own. She can’t get involved with the wrong man or it would only prove her father right. She needs this job with Cruz’s magazine to get herself out there in hopes that it leads to other modeling jobs. Meanwhile, Cruz turns out to be much different than Mila expected. He’s considerate and helpful, and soon she’s ready to fall into his bed. 

Cruz doesn’t normally jump into flings with women, but Mila is different for him. Of course, it doesn’t help that they are trapped at his place. In fact, it will be days before the bridge can be repaired. Mila keeps a part of herself locked inside, even to Cruz, but if she falls in love with him, can she trust him? They mesh perfectly, but he is aware that she is wanting to jumpstart her career. Will Cruz help her, and if he does, will she accept it?

Their chemistry sizzles in ONE STORMY NIGHT and readers will be wondering how long before they are making love. Readers won’t be disappointed as we get to know Cruz and Mila. They are both dealing with what happened to them growing up, but it’s time for them to build a future…together. Don’t miss the passion and emotion as Cruz and Mila fall in love in ONE STORMY NIGHT.

Patti Fischer

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