Lockwood Lightning , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2734
ISBN: 978-1-335-20910-8
May 2020

Contemporary Series Romance

Green Valley, Tennessee – Present Day

Sixteen years ago, attorney Maty Taylor and bourbon maker Sam Hawkins were lovers, but things ended badly between them. Maty is now back in town—as the attorney for the man that Sam hates. She is employed by Rusty Lockwood, who currently has a stranglehold on the liquor licenses in Green Valley, something Sam wants to change. Maty's job is to persuade Sam to sell his business to Rusty, which of course he refuses to do. She is desperate, because Rusty is blackmailing her. If she fails, her brother will be kicked out of the care facility he is in.

Sam is shocked to see Maty—and now angry at learning who she works for. Of course, he turns down the offer to buy his company—it is not for sale. Soon after their meeting in his office, Sam receives a letter from a now deceased woman informing him that his father is none other than Rusty Lockwood. After confirming the news with his mother, Sam is now angry at Rusty for abandoning his son before he was even born. Meanwhile, Maty is persistent, and Sam suspects something is up, more than that of being a dutiful employee. Will Sam find out the truth as to why Maty is working for Rusty? Will he confront his father?

There's a lover's reunion brewing in SCANDALOUS REUNION by Jules Bennett, the second book in her Lockwood Lightning series about the three illegitimate sons of Rusty Lockwood, a man hated by many. Maty had built a lucrative law career in Virginia, but everything changed when her parents were killed in an auto accident that also severely injured her brother. The cost of his care is expensive and has drained her financially, then Rusty Lockwood stepped in to take over the expense—as long as she convinces Sam to sell his bourbon business to him. If she doesn't, then he warns her that he will force her brother out of the facility. Maty first tries business tactics, but that does not work. Will she try her seductive skills next—on a man she still hasn't gotten over?

Sam tries to convince Maty to quit her job with Rusty Lockwood, and when that doesn't work, he decides to get closer to her to find out what's going on. Midway through SCANDALOUS REUNION, the truth comes out. But will Maty accept Sam's help? Can both get what they need—the liquor license stranglehold removed for him and the financial help her brother needs for her? Things soon heat up for them as they resume their affair. A sensual tale you will not want to miss, grab a copy of SCANDALOUS REUNION.

Patti Fischer