The Barrington Trilogy , Book #2
Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2325
ISBN: 978-0-373-73338-5
September 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Stony Ridge, Virginia – Present Day

Hollywood agent Ian Schaffer arrived at the movie set on the Stony Ridge farm to negotiate a new contract with an actress, but it is horse trainer Cassie Barrington who catches his eye. Ian could have any woman he wants, so when Cassie spurns his advances, it makes the chase more fun. Just when he thinks he's won, he learns that she comes with extra baggage…in the form of her five year-old daughter. Ian doesn't dislike children; it's just that he has no intention of getting involved with a readymade family. Even while he tells himself to walk away, Cassie is a temptation he can't resist. Then he grows to care for her little girl.

Cassie knows all about charming men who turn out to be jerks, because she was married to one who dumped her in her time of need. Ian is attractive and the sexual chemistry between them sizzles, but she can't afford to let him into her life. Add in the fact that she and her sister are preparing for an important horse race and it becomes imperative that she doesn't have any distractions. Yet Ian soon becomes important to her and her daughter's lives. Once he achieves what he comes for, will he just leave them…and her with a broken heart?

Cassie and Ian seem a mismatched pair in SINGLE MAN MEETS SINGLE MOM, yet they fall in love. Ian lives in Hollywood amongst the rich and famous, with a steady stream of willing women at his beck and call. Cassie was born and raised on the family farm and plans to stay put. The Barringtons are a famous racing family and their story is currently being filmed on the property. The lead actress is Ian's target in signing her to a contract with his company, so he should be concentrating on that, but Cassie is too tempting to ignore. When Ian and Cassie are trapped together—alone—in an attic one night, things really heat up. Once tasted, temptation can't be ignored, despite the realization that their affair may end when Ian has to return to Hollywood.

Scorching sensuality highlights SINGLE MAN MEETS SINGLE MOM, plus a cute little girl who brings everything down to reality: Cassie and her daughter are a package deal. Will Ian take a chance on love in SINGLE MAN MEETS SINGLE MOM? While it's part of the Barrington Trilogy , it can be read alone without too much confusion. If you like a down to earth woman with a readymade family bringing the sexy bachelor to his knees, then I highly recommend you pick up SINGLE MAN MEETS SINGLE MOM for a topnotch read.

Patti Fischer