Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2283
ISBN: 978-0-373-73296-8
February 2014
Series Romance

Lenox, Massachusetts - Present Day

The one place billionaire Hollywood actor Max Ford has avoided all these years is his hometown of Lenox, but with his mother recovering from breast cancer he decides to visit. He still hasn't forgotten Raine Monroe, the woman he once loved who turned her back on him when they were eighteen. Of course, as luck would have it, on the drive to his mother's house he spots a car that has slid off the road with a woman by its side, and he stops…only to learn that it is Raine. Seeing her throws him off balance, especially when he learns that she has an infant. But do-gooder Max rescues her and eventually takes her back to her house, where they're promptly stranded while a snowstorm howls around them. Is Max flirting with temptation by being so close to the woman who once broke his heart?

Raine has spent the last fifteen years thinking that Max ditched her. They'd loved one another, and she planned to follow him to California, but he never called. Now she learns that he tried to, but was told by her mother she wasn't taking his calls. Now they are alone in her farmhouse, with much to make up. Will it include reconciliation? Raine hasn't completely told Max the whole truth about her baby, but if he's only here for a few days, why encourage any possible future with him? What about the secret Raine has kept from Max all these years?

Years apart hasn't dimmed the desire that still hums between Raine and Max in SNOWBOUND WITH A BILLIONAIRE. Both had difficult childhoods and planned to ditch town and settle in California while Max worked on achieving his dream of an acting career. But things didn't work out, though Max did become a well-known actor and producer. Raine, on the other hand, has struggled to maintain an independence from her controlling parents, to the point that she has chosen to live in poverty rather than claim a trust fund with stipulations attached to it. Finally she has also begun to realize another dream, that of becoming a mother after her cousin gave birth. Her first priority is finalizing the adoption of the newborn, and getting involved with Max could provoke a scandal in Lenox and jeopardize her plans. However, the desire simmers into full-fledged passion. It's clear there's still something between them that hasn't died.

Readers will immediately like the characters of Raine and Max as they're clearly the victims of parental interference who were denied their chance at making a future together. In SNOWBOUND WITH A BILLIONAIRE, they get an opportunity to rekindle the passion and make up for lost time. Of course, there's a lot to be explained between them, but one thing for sure is that there's no need to take things slow in bed. A sizzling hot tale (even with a baby around), SNOWBOUND WITH A BILLIONAIRE is a one I highly recommend for readers looking for a super fun and sensual tale.

Patti Fischer