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Dynasties: Willowvale, Book 4
Harlequin Desire #27B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45789-9
December 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

Willowvale Springs, Wyoming – Present Day

After a series of bad luck mishaps, life coach Kira Lee is gifted with a dude ranch vacation over the Christmas holidays in Wyoming. The cabin is warm and cozy, with the only thing missing being a Christmas tree. Arriving home with one, Kira discovers that getting it inside is going to be an adventure—until one of the dude ranch employees assists her. Paxton Hart is kind of mysterious and doesn’t seem all too happy with Kira, but she isn’t going to stop this scrooge from ruining her Christmas. Yet, he soon pops up again, and there’s no denying that there’s an attraction brewing between them.

Paxton Hart owns the dude ranch, but Kira mistakenly thinks he is an employee. He isn’t going to correct her because the last thing he needs is a gold digger chasing after him. Pax, who would rather be anywhere else than in Willowvale Springs, recently inherited the property from an elderly acquaintance. His plan is to update the property and probably sell it. But Kira’s holiday spirit is infectious, and they are soon hanging around each other a lot. Will they give in to the attraction and then go their separate ways once the holidays are over?

It will be a Christmas to remember for Kira and Pax in THEIR WHITE-HOT CHRISTMAS, the final book in the Dynasties: Willowvale series about four men who returned home to claim their inheritance from an old man they barely knew. Pax left the town when he turned eighteen and has had a nice career earning money from real estate. His immediate plan for the dude ranch is to fix it up, and then sell it. Being around Kira may make him change his mind. Of course, that would mean that she stays too. But that might not be an issue since Kira is currently homeless after being evicted by the new owners of her condo. She can do her job remotely, but would she want to stay?

While Kira is worried about where she will live once she returns to Portland, Oregon, she is also dealing with her mother, who is planning a fourth trip down the wedding aisle. There are too many phone calls from her mother about the plans and wanting Kira’s advice. All Kira wants is for her mother to really think hard about whether this guy is going to be her forever husband. Kira doesn’t think so. Meanwhile, Kira and Pax grow closer and soon are warming each other’s beds. They get along great, but how will she feel when she learns that the man that she’s falling for is not being honest with her? Will Pax ever tell her that he is rich?

A cozy little romance set around the holidays, THEIR WHITE-HOT CHRISTMAS has cute scenes and a couple with plenty of chemistry and charisma. If you’re looking for a fun holiday tale, then be sure to read THEIR WHITE-HOT CHRISTMAS.

Patti Fischer

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