Dynasties: Beaumont Bay, Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2800
ISBN: 978-1-335-23285-4
April 2021

Contemporary Series Romance

Beaumont Bay, Tennessee – Present Day

Country superstar Hannah Banks has signed with Will Sutherland's new label, but she isn't sure if she will be able to control her emotions around the man. He's way too sexy for her heart. At their first meeting, Hannah poses as her identical twin, Hallie, in hopes that he will think she's her shy twin, but Will sees right through the charade. Afterward, the sexual chemistry between them that she fears…happens. It doesn't take long before Will charms her off her feet…and into his bed. He wants to keep their affair a secret but is that okay with Hannah?

With his new music label about to open, Will doesn't need any blips of a scandal on the horizon. Beaumont Bay is where everyone in TWIN GAMES IN MUSIC CITY lives, and the town is ruled by Mags Dumond—the legendary music producer who helped Hannah rocket to fame. Now Hannah wants to spread her wings and signed with Will's company. She will soon be going on tour with his brother, Cash, but first, she and Will have to produce songs for the label. Mags is a vengeful person, and if she finds out he is sleeping with Hannah, she will make life difficult for both. Can they keep their affair under wraps from Mags?

Things are tense in Beaumont Bay after Will steals away Hannah from Mags for his new label in TWIN GAMES IN MUSIC CITY. Hannah suspects that Mags is plotting revenge and she doesn't want it to affect her music career. As the sweetheart of country music, Hannah's reputation is clean, so if it is found out she's carrying on an affair with Will, someone might think that she slept her way into her new recording contract. She tries to avoid the temptation of being around Will, but that's hard to do when you're working on a new album together. Soon, they are locking lips—and finding themselves unable to resist the passion that erupts between them. Readers suspect that Mags will try something to hurt Hannah and/or Will's future career. Can they stop her?

TWIN GAMES IN MUSIC CITY is the first book in the Dynasties: Beaumont Bay series by authors Jules Bennett and Jessica Lemmon. There will be four tales, which I assume revolve around the four Sutherland brothers. Their attraction is intense, but Hannah and Will have to tread lightly if they want their future to go smoothly. Don't miss the intrigue and sizzling heat in TWIN GAMES IN MUSIC CITY.

Patti Fischer