TWIN SECRETS Jules Bennett
The Rancher's Heirs , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2506
ISBN: 978-0-373-83833-2
March 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Pebblebrook Ranch, Kentucky Present Day

Wealthy rancher Colt Elliott is anxious to get his hands on the neighboring property so he can build a dude ranch to expand their family business. The one thing that's stood in his way is the stubborn Carter family, who have refused to sell, but they're now backed into a corner as Colt owns their mortgage. When Annabelle Carter begs Colt to help her save the property by letting him hold off calling in the mortgage until she can come up with the money, he counters her offer with a request that she work for him. Yet, the moment she sets foot on his ranch, he has a serious case of lust for her. Cole knows he's going to have Annabelle in his bed soon.

Life for Annabelle has been rough the past few months. She found out her fiancé and her sister were having an affair and then they both died in a car crash, leaving Annabelle the responsibility of raising her sister's twin daughters. Then she found out her father was gambling and had let Colt take over the mortgage on the farm. Annabelle has a dream of opening a bed and breakfast, but that won't come true if she loses the family farm. She takes Colt up on his offer to work off the mortgage, but the man is too darn tantalizing to ignore. She knows he wants to have sex with her, but will Annabelle give in to him?

Annabelle has a lot of responsibilities to deal with in TWIN SECRETS, and Colt may be the answer to some of her worries if she can get the farm mortgage paid off. However, she is not aware that he really wants the property, which means she's easily led into believing that he is being upfront about letting her work for him in exchange. At first, Colt makes demands on her, such as having her work hard out in the sun, but after she collapses, he is the one who rescues her and sees that she is okay. As Colt spends more time with Annabelle, the walls between them begin to fall. But how will she react when she learns he's about to betray her?

Colt is all about having affairs and never promising commitments because he was once betrayed by a woman who just wanted his money. While he maintains relationships with his brothers, one cannot say they're close, even if they have houses on Pebblebrook Ranch.  Colt has serious trust issues; however, he has promised his father, who is currently in a nursing home, that one day he'd build a dude ranch. The Carter family is in his way, and he'll do anything to get his hands on their land. He just didn't expect to fall for Annabelle.

TWIN SECRETS is the first book in The Rancher's Heirs by Jules Bennett, about the Elliott brothers who own Pebblebrook Ranch. As the brother who runs the property, Colt starts out wanting the land next door, but once meeting Annabelle, he's soon wanting her. Will they find true love? Discover the answer in the engaging TWIN SECRETS.

Patti Fischer