Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2181
ISBN: 978-0-373-73194-7
September 2012
Series Romance

Hollywood and Lake Tahoe, California – Present Day

After months of separation, Charlotte Price figures the only thing left of her marriage is the divorce. So imagine her surprise when her estranged husband, hot shot Hollywood director Anthony Price, shows up on her doorstep…with a baby in his arms. His sister was recently killed in a car accident, and he informs Charlotte that they are the baby's designated guardians. Anthony asks Charlotte to move into his house for three months so that they can prove to the courts that the baby, Lily, will have a stable life living with them. Once the time is up, Charlotte can move on, though he makes it clear that he wants her back.

Charlotte reluctantly agrees, mainly because she can't resist the tiny baby. However, she is leery of her continued attraction to Anthony because she fell into his arms two months ago when they were just supposed to “talk” and knows that as he continues to woo her, she will find it difficult to say no and might agree to permanently stay. But Anthony proved to her once before that his career is more important than she is. Once settled back in their old home, it begins to feel like she never left. Anthony is determined to prove to her that he's changed, so they head to Lake Tahoe for some time alone—she, he, and Lily. But before they left, Charlotte found out some startling news she isn't sure she wants him to know yet—she's pregnant with his child.

Suddenly becoming appointed guardians is the last thing Charlotte expected in WHATEVER THE PRICE by Jules Bennett. Charlotte and Anthony had been at odds over his constant working and were headed for a divorce. She considers him a workaholic and didn't want to play second fiddle to his career. However, the entrance of Lily into their lives changes things. The little girl becomes the new focus of their lives, and Anthony begins to work on proving to Charlotte that he can change. Yes, directing movies is still his career, but family will come first. As WHATEVER THE PRICE unfolds, he is learning to readjust his life around Lily and trying to convince Charlotte he is a new man. Of course, the sizzling chemistry which had brought them together in the first place continues to make it hard for them to resist each other.

The discovery that she is pregnant has Charlotte worried. It means that not only is she tied to Anthony, but it dredges up old feelings about a miscarriage she suffered a year ago. Anthony doesn't know about the miscarriage (he was out of town) and it seemed to signal the end of their marriage. Once she tells him about that miscarriage and the new pregnancy, how will he take the news? Can she dare give their marriage a second chance? Readers will learn the answer to all these questions by the end of WHATEVER THE PRICE.

A baby brings together an estranged couple and gives them the opportunity to rekindle their love in WHATEVER THE PRICE. Find out if it leads to a happily-ever-after in this interesting and enjoyable tale that I highly recommend.

Patti Fischer