The Barrington Trilogy, Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2316
ISBN: 978-0-373-73329-3
July 2014
Contemporary Series Romance

Stony Ridge, Virginia – Present Day

Arriving at the horse ranch in Virginia where he's about to produce a movie featuring a prominent equestrian family, Grant Carter is greeted by—and immediately attracted to—the youngest daughter, Tessa Barrington. Tessa isn't too thrilled about the movie filming while she's training as a jockey for an important race, and even less impressed that Grant tries to charm her, because he reminds her of her ex-boyfriend. Getting involved with each other would violate a clause in the movie's contract, but Grant and Tessa keep getting thrown together. Soon, their attraction for each other can't be denied. But Hollywood hotshot producer Grant is way out of Tessa's league.

Grant has been warned to stay away from the Barrington sisters, Tessa and Cassie, or face losing his job, so he vows to keep Tessa at arm's length. But the desire he feels for her is too intense, and he can't stop being in situations with her where they kiss. Even her revelation about her inexperience should put a damper on his lust, but instead he continues to want her. Is he playing with fire getting involved with her? Due to a tragedy in his past, Grant has shied away from romantic relationships, and sweet Tessa should fall for a man who can promise her a future. But that man isn't him.

A film based on Tessa's parents lives is about to get the Hollywood treatment and Grant is the first producer to arrive to help prepare things. When he catches his first glimpse of Tessa riding, he is dumbstruck by his attraction for her. She's not happy to have him or anyone from Hollywood there, so she is standoffish toward him. As a jockey preparing for the Kentucky Derby, she can't let anything—especially attractive men like Grant—distract her. Yet, he does…and soon she's willing to give up her virginity just to experience the passion he exudes. But after getting burned by one man, is she just throwing herself right back into the fire?

Grant and Tessa live different lives in different states, with hers on a horse ranch in Virginia and his in Hollywood. Yet, they're instantly attracted to each other, though they resist the inevitable…realizing that planning a future together would be hard. Tessa still has to deal with her ex texting her, trying to get back together, while Grant is having nightmares related to a tragic accident years ago involving his sister—on a horse. The passion between Grant and Tessa is intense and soon can't be denied, yet finding their happily-ever-after is going to take some work.

In WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT…, Jules Bennett has penned a tale that is emotional and passionate. Related to her Hollywood series, this is the first book in The Barrington Trilogy , with the next one to likely be about Tessa's sister, Cassie. As a jockey, Tessa certainly has an unusual occupation for a Desire heroine, but one I'm sure readers will love. Grant might have come to Stony Ridge a sophisticated, confident man, far from Tessa's usual circle of people, but love can strike at anytime, and in WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT… it makes for an intriguing read that's a winner for me.

Patti Fischer