Angel’s Share , Book 3
Harlequin Desire #2884
ISBN: 978-1-335-73573-7
July 2022
Contemporary Series Romance

Benton Springs, Kentucky – Present Day

Elise Hawthorne and her two adoptive sisters turned an old castle into a distillery called Angel’s Share and are looking for restaurants to serve their liquor. Their newest invite to the distillery is Antonio Rodriguez from Spain. His family owns a chain of restaurants in Europe. The moment Antonio steps into Angel’s Share, Elise is mesmerized by him. While showing him around, the power goes out, leaving them stranded for the night. It is Elise who initiates the first kiss, but it leads to more—a night of passion. The next morning, the sparks still fly between them, but she insists this was only a one-night stand. But will it be?

Antonio is at a crossroads in his life and now he’s met a woman who has thoroughly blown him away. As his parents’ only child, there is an expectation that he will continue the family legacy once they step away from the business. However, Antonio isn’t sure that is what he wants to do. What he does want right now is to spend more time with Elise. The sparks between them are palpable, even to her sisters, Sara and Delilah. His interactions with Elise should be business only but he can’t get enough of her. And lucky for him, she feels the same way. But his life is not in the United States.

Meanwhile, Elise and her sisters are still dealing with the death a month ago of the woman who adopted them. Sara is going through some of their adoptive mother’s papers when she comes across a file that could change everything. Appears that the adopted sisters are really half-sisters whose mother, now deceased, was their adopted mother’s sister. Each of the girls has a different father. Do they want to find their birth fathers? Elise welcomes the distraction from Antonio as a way to forget the turmoil that is going on in her personal life. Their affair has them burning the sheets, but what will happen when he has to return to Spain?

WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT… is the first tale in the Angel’s Share series by Jules Bennett, which will revolve around the three Hawthorne sisters. Elise is the pragmatic one and is the one who has dealt with Antonio via emails over the past several weeks. Meeting each other for the first time leaves them with an instantaneous attraction that has both wondering where it will lead. But can it work out to a happily-ever-after?

An emotional and sensual tale that sets the right tone for the start of this series, don’t miss WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT…

Patti Fischer

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