The Penhallow Dynasty , Book 2
A Perfect 10
Avon Books
ISBN: 978-0-06-245181-1
September 2017
Historical Romance

At Castle Tadgh, Scotland, in 1811

Penhallows are welcome everywhere in the British Isles. After all, didn't they arrive with William in 1066? A branch moved on north to Scotland where Castle Tadgh is the magnificent home of Alasdair Penhallow, the current laird of the clan who just celebrated his thirty-fifth birthday—and celebrated hard indeed. Not an auspicious time to get the news that he has only thirty-five days to find a bride and thirty-five more to marry or face an uneasy death! All is spelled out in an ancient book of clan rules. He must immediately invite an eligible highborn maiden from among each of the eight clans of Killaly. There are only four maidens of the right age and position in the area.

Though a good and caring laird, Alasdair's reputation as a wild bachelor has been exaggerated, still, he has no great desire to marry so soon. Nor does he want to die . . . so the invitations go out. Three of them are welcome; the one to Miss Fiona Douglass from Wick Bay is not. At age twenty-seven, Fiona has attended many weddings, including those of her three younger sisters. Her heart broke when one of those weddings was between a sister and the man she wanted—and expected—to marry herself. Since then she keeps busy with duties around her father's territory. If she doesn't journey to Castle Tadgh, however, she will suffer.

The four candidates for Alasdair to choose from could not be more different from each other. Fiona stands out as one who lets him know she hopes not be chosen. That's fine with him; she doesn't appear to be comfortable wife material.

I don't want to go on and spoil all the many wonderful twists and turns in this well-wrought plot with characters who come alive with distinct personalities. I hope you will like this book as much as I do and agree that it merits one of Romance Reviews Today's rare Perfect 10s.

The first book in the Penhallow series, YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE, is about one from the English side of the family. And we should see a third tale of the Penhallow Dynasty next spring.

Jane Bowers