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Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2193
ISBN: 978-0-373-73206-7
November 2012
Series Romance

Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington – Present Day

After billionaire Alexander Bajoran and his family allegedly stole the Taylor family's share of the company, it left Jessica Taylor's family nearly impoverished. Jessica, who is currently working as a maid at the resort where Alex checks in, is encouraged by her cousin to snoop around to see if something could be found to be used against Alex. Jessica and Alex have never met, so when he walks in while she's cleaning his room, her world is immediately tilted at the sight of the handsome Alex. An attraction forms between them, and one thing leads to another. A one night stand leaves some repercussions for Jessica, ones she soon can no longer hide from Alex.

Alex searched for Jessica after she fled his bed the next morning after their one night stand, but the hotel said no one by her name worked there. It isn't just that he's curious about her, but that she also stole some important designs from him. One year later, a baby is left in his boardroom with a note that the boy, Henry, is his son with Jessica. She can longer provide for him and wants Alex to raise their son. Alex is at a loss…he doesn't know how to take care of a baby. It doesn't take long for Jessica to have a change of heart. She shows up on his doorstep, ready to claim Henry again. But Alex isn't going to let Jessica take his son and just walk out of his life.

A one night stand has consequences in Heidi Betts's SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES. Alex inherited a company he's continued to build to even greater success. At one time the Taylors were co-owners but were forced out and, in the aftermath, they blame Alex. If Jessica can find something to use against him, then it would help to soften the blow of the loss. It's a coincidence that Alex arrives at the resort where Jessica is employed, but as soon as her cousin learns who he is, she's after Jessica to snoop. While she reluctantly agrees, it proves harder to do as she falls for the handsome Alex. He's sweet and charming toward her, and it doesn't take much persuasion to fall into bed with him. But the next morning, guilty over what happened, she runs off, but not before she discovers the designs and takes them. After giving birth, she soon realizes that she doesn't have the means to support a baby, but Alex does. She decides to leave three month old Henry with Alex, yet almost immediately feels guilty and tries to reclaim her son. But Alex won't let her leave, though he claims it is to establish paternity. The attraction between Alex and Jessica still sizzles. How long will it take before they give into the passion again?

Alex's life has been all about business and running the company. He doesn't have time for relationships, yet one night stands are not his usual thing. But something about Jessica attracted him and led to him making love to her while barely knowing her. After discovering the design plans gone, Jessica is his first suspect, especially when they are sold shortly afterwards to a rival. Did Jessica sell them? That is the one burning question he has for her. To say that he doesn't trust her is an understatement, yet the off the wall desire still burns between them. Can he get past his distrust and forge a relationship with the woman who bore his son?

The words pop and sizzle in SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES as the passion turns fiery hot between Alex and Jessica. She didn't want to give up Henry, but needed to do the right thing for him. Soon she has to worry that Alex will want permanent custody and has plenty of ammunition to use against her. Of course, he has a bit of a selfish motive for demanding she stay because it means Jessica is part of his life again. Readers will sigh as Jessica and Alex slowly and surely fall in love with each other in SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES. A wonderful tale of Cinderella finding her Prince Charming, give SECRETS, LIES & LULLABIES a boost to the top of your reading list.

Patti Fischer