Wicked Lovers , Book 12
ISBN: 978-0-425-27548-1
February 2017
Erotic Contemporary Romance

Dallas, Texas - Present Day

After a lifetime of watching her mom pick Mr. Wrong, Jolie Quinn is determined to never count on anyone but herself.  She's built a thriving fashion business and is on the verge of expanding when she hires Heath Powell.  A former MI-5 operative, Heath is going to update the security for her company, but before he can do that, Jolie has to get her sister to stop lusting over the man – and stop herself from doing so as well.

Since his wife's death, Heath hasn't bothered with relationships that last longer than the moment, and he hasn't been interested in changing his ways. Jolie is the exact opposite of his former wife, and nothing like any of the women he's involved himself with since.  So why is he having such a difficult time getting her out of his head?  When Jolie's business and then life are threatened, Heath steps up security, and things off the job start heating up as well.

Jolie is used to being the one in charge, but in HOLDING ON TIGHTER she learns that giving up control has its merits as well.  She firmly believes that expecting a man to “complete” you is the wrong way to approach life, and makes no time for developing romantic relationships.  Yet, when she starts sleeping with Heath, she suddenly understands how a woman can become foolish over a man.  Heath's world fell apart when his wife died, but he eventually got his life back on track.  He has no intention of ever falling for a woman again, but Jolie proves hard to resist.

Heath is first introduced in WICKED FOR YOU as Mystery's bodyguard.  Since leaving her employ, he's tried to figure out where he wants to be.  He agrees to a short-term job for Jolie while trying to decide if he wants to go back to London or relocate to the States.  Jolie is friends with Callie Thorpe (THEIRS TO CHERISH) who, along with her men, makes a few appearances in this novel as well.  It's not necessary to have read the series in order to be able to keep up with HOLDING ON TIGHTER, but when characters from those novels pop up, it makes it a little easier to understand who's who.

A sexy, fun novel with a little mystery thrown in, check out HOLDING ON TIGHTER.

Jennifer Bishop