Lawless , Book 2
ISBN: 978-0-425-28358-5
January 2017
Contemporary Romance

Multiple Locations - Present Day

Brandon Lawless is the nice brother, so he's not about to let his family use Carly in their schemes. Instead of manipulating her into doing what they want, Bran explains the situation and offers Carly help with her own troubles in exchange. And if that means that Bran has to pretend to be her boyfriend in order to get close to Carly's boss, well, he's perfectly fine with that. He's never been good enough for a real relationship in the past, but she's the first woman who makes him want to really try to be better.

Carly is stuck in a job she hates working for a woman she loathesóbut she can't escape, not while her boss has leverage over her. So when Bran offers his help in exchange for some insider information and a chance to get into her office, she jumps at the chance. But Bran's family is more than a little intimidating, and his issues stemming from his youth spent in foster care are out of control. And when the schemes start to get deadly, is Bran going to be on her side, or stick with his family?

The second book in the Lawless series is just as action-packed as the first. While Carly's role seems innocent and safe at first, it gets lethal fast. Bran and Carly have a lot of challenges to face, both externally and internally. And Bran's relationship with his family just adds another speed bump on his road to happiness.

Each book in this series works as one part of a whole. The Lawless family's machinations against their parents' old business partners is a complex, multi-step plan. So the series must be read in order, and there's no way you can just stop, especially not after the major reveals at the end of SATISFACTION.

SATISFACTION follows RUTHLESS (August 2016), and the trilogy concludes with Drew's book, REVENGE, coming June 2017.

Amanda Toth