The Eden Empire , Book 4
Harlequin Desire #2698
ISBN: 978-1-335-60400-2
November 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Attorney Isabel Blackwell is in New York City to take on a case that impacts the lives of her future sister-in-law's family. A man is suing the Eden family over a long ago loan his father made to the late Victoria Eden, the founder of the company, that the three Eden granddaughters didn't know about, and the man wants a lot of money from them in exchange. The night before she is to meet with the legal counsel for the other side, the hotel she's staying at forces her to temporarily evacuate when a fire alarm goes off. Outside while waiting for the all clear signal, Isabel runs into sexy Jeremy Sharp. The instant attraction between them ends with a night spent together. The next day, Isabel is reviewing the Eden case and learns to her horror that the attorney for the other side is none other than Jeremy Sharp. How can she face him?

Jeremy is facing increasing pressure from his father because he doesn't think Jeremy is capable of doing the job, especially on such an important case as the Eden suit. The past couple of years have been difficult for Jeremy, highlighted by his failed marriage to a socialite. Walking into the Eden office the next day, Jeremy is stunned to learn that the opposing counsel is his one-night stand. The meeting is already tenuous, but it highlights how good Isabel is—and how much he's attracted to her. They agree to work together on the case. Will it lead to some late-night hanky panky? Could they end up jeopardizing the case?

While A CHRISTMAS RENDEZVOUS is the fourth book in The Eden Empire series, it is more of an offshoot and can easily be read as a standalone. Isabel has earned a reputation in Washington, DC, as a high-powered attorney, but is currently feeling a little burned out. Asked by her brother to take on the Eden case, she accepts. As she gets to know the three Eden sisters, they begin to feel more like family than clients. Isabel isn't usually into one-night stands, but Jeremy was irresistible that night they met. She should really avoid him socially while they are opposing counsels in the case, but neither can resist the other. Soon they are having a secret affair. However, a little issue comes up that may force them to work together for the next eighteen years…

A CHRISTMAS RENDEZVOUS is a sexy tale about two high powered attorneys working on a case. Sleeping together will certainly cause a scandal if it's leaked, but that doesn't stop Isabel or Jeremy from hitting the sheets. However, how much can they reveal to the other about the case? Are they headed for a collision course if the case turns out to be a bigger problem than either expects? A sizzling read you won't want to miss, be sure to grab a copy of A CHRISTMAS RENDEZVOUS.

Patti Fischer