Dynasties: Seven Sins , Book 2
Harlequin Desire #2738
ISBN: 978-1-335-20914-6
June 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

Falling Brook, New Jersey & Bahamas – Present Day

For fifteen years Zane Patterson has been best friends with Scott Randall, and for all of those years, Scott's little sister, Allison, has had a crush on Zane. They rarely see one another, but recently they met again at Scott's birthday party, and Allison boldly did something she has wanted to do for years: she kissed Zane. He didn't react to the kiss in the way she'd hoped, but will she get a second chance when they end up staying in neighboring cottages on the remote island of Rose Cove in the Bahamas? The resort is owned by Allison's relatives, so she got the inside news that Zane was going to be there and took advantage of it. Will she finally get him to notice her as a desirable woman?

Zane has noticed Allison, but as his best friend's sister, she is off-limits. It isn't to say he wasn't turned on by her kiss, but he can't tell her that. After he learns that they're neighbors at Rose Cove, he wishes he could be anywhere else. But Allison convinces him that they can be friends only—even as she goes about subtly seducing him. Will her seductive wiles work on him? There is a hurricane approaching the island where they're at. How will that impact them? Even if she is successful, what will happen when he learns about the project she's currently working on, one that will make him angry?

Allison is the forbidden apple in the tree for Zane in FORBIDDEN LUST. Through Scott, they have continued to remain friends even as their careers take them in different directions and places. Allison is aware that Zane was deeply affected by the divorce of his parents after they suffered financially in the “Black Crescent Scandal” when he was a child. The scandal happened when investors were duped out of their money and the culprit disappeared. The company, Black Crescent, is still around, though now run by the son of the criminal. What Zane doesn't know is that Allison is working as a hiring consultant for Black Crescent. If he finds out, he will no doubt see it as her betrayal.

Meanwhile, on the island, Allison and Zane hang out together, and he soon can't resist the temptation that she offers. Will he make love to her? How will his friendship with Scott be affected if that happens? Once they are safely back in New Jersey, will their lives go back to what they were before? FORBIDDEN LUST is the second book in the Seven Sins series and this one is about lust. Will lust give way to love?

An enjoyable and sensual tale you won't want to miss, be sure to grab a copy of FORBIDDEN LUST.

Patti Fischer