The Sterling Wives , Book 1
Harlequin Desire #2758
ISBN: 978-1-335-20934-4
September 2020
Contemporary Series Romance

San Diego, California – Present Day

Real estate agent Tara Sterling is saddened to learn that her ex-husband, Johnathon, has suddenly died in a car accident. Late, she learns that she and his other two ex-wives have jointly inherited his shares in his company. Johnathon's longtime friend, Grant Singleton, owns additional shares of the company and will be assuming the role of CEO. Grant invites Tara to join the company to work on an important project that is coming out because he values her input. While she had always loved Johnathon, she couldn't forget that she was also attracted to Grant. Will their working together bring them even closer…to love?

Grant and Johnathon met Tara years ago at the same party, but it was Johnathon who got the upper hand and wooed her all the way to the altar. Grant stepped aside and continued to be friends with both. But after being unable to have a child together, the couple divorced—and Johnathon married two more times while searching for a woman to give him a baby. The long-ago attraction Grant had for Tara soon turns mutual, and things begin to heat up between them. Will they go from the boardroom to the bedroom?

Yes, the relationships are complicated in ONCE FORBIDDEN, TWICE TEMPTED, the first book in Karen Booth's new series, The Sterling Wives . Three women are tied to one man—who dies and leaves them equal shares in his company. Will they work together, or are they rivals who hate each other? Meanwhile, Grant must deal with his attraction to Tara, one that he kept hidden from both of his friends. Midway through this tale, he admits his feelings, and she is stunned. She had no idea…

In ONCE FORBIDDEN, TWICE TEMPTED, we do get to know the other two wives a little bit. There is Astrid, the second wife. Beautiful and in love with Johnathon, she also couldn't give him a child, so they ended their marriage. Astrid didn't know that he'd married again, this time to Miranda. Poor Miranda. On Johnathon's deathbed, she had time to tell him the news she had only just learned: she was pregnant. How do the first two wives deal with that news?

Tara doesn't want to mix business with pleasure, especially since it might appear that she is trying to get her claws into Grant. But the man is too tempting, and she can't resist the heated attraction between them. Will they find a way to work together and have a happily-ever-after? Don't miss ONCE FORBIDDEN, TWICE TEMPTED.

Patti Fischer