Texas Cattleman's Club: The Imposter , Book 7
Harlequin Desire #2599
ISBN: 978-1-335-97159-3
July 2018
Contemporary Series Romance

Royal, Texas – Present Day

Six years ago, Cole Sullivan and Dani Moore were in love, but he broke up with her after he was diagnosed with a devastating medical condition that could kill him. Dani didn't know the reason Cole ended things between them and she took his rejection as being complete—and didn't tell him that she bore his twin sons. Dani is now back in Royal and knows that she must somehow tell him about their sons but first, she pays him a visit to toss in his face that she doesn't care about him anymore. Alas, her plan backfires when they kiss…

Cole didn't want to burden Dani with caring for him if his medical condition worsened and made the decision to make a clean break. However, the moment she walks into his house, he realizes that he has to have her back. But will she forgive him? After Cole meets her twin boys, he does start to wonder if he is their father. But winning her back is first on his agenda.

In SECRET TWINS FOR THE TEXAN, the end is near for the  Texas Cattleman's Club  latest series about the imposter who took over the life of a club member and stole money from the club. While this tale can be read as a standalone easily, it probably helps to know what is going on when Cole and Dani get involved in the investigation. One more book to go…and readers will have a pretty good idea who the couple will be.

As for Cole and Dani, young love wasn't easy for them as his parents objected to their relationship and made things difficult for her. Cole was in an accident and it is then that he learns about the medical condition that could cripple or kill him. He couldn't tell Dani as he knew she'd want to stay with him. He felt that she needed to spread her wings without being restricted by caring for him. But the years apart did not dim the passion each has for the other. Does Cole now feel comfortable enough to tell Dani the truth?

Dani still carries anger towards Cole over his dumping her. However, they share children—even if he doesn't know it yet. She approaches her feelings for Cole carefully because she doesn't want to get hurt again or raise expectations for the boys that they could all be a family. But Cole tempts her and it doesn't take long before they're making love. It feels so good…but could it be the wrong path for them to take?

SECRET TWINS FOR THE TEXAN is for those readers who love passion and romance in their stories, so don't miss this tale.

Patti Fischer