Secrets of the A-Lis t Series
Harlequin Desire #2561
ISBN: 978-0-373-83888-2
December 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

Vail, Colorado – Present Day

After being fired from her last job as a chef, Joy McKinley is now working and living in Vail, though she's staying at an opulent vacation home belonging to the family that fired her—without their permission. The son offered it to her as long as she didn't tell his parents or anyone, and she's kept that promise, even walking to the place in the dark after having a coworker drop her off at another residence. But one night, a car roars toward her on the road as she's walking and ends up sliding on the icy road right at her. Jumping out of the way, Joy ends up in the ditch, and then is rescued by the driver, a handsome stranger. He insists on not only driving her to her place, but spending the night to make sure she doesn't have complications from her head injury. Joy agrees, but gives him a fake name. It snowballs from there with her lies, and she ends up being attracted to him.

Billionaire Alexander Townsend is on vacation in Vail and the last thing he expected was to nearly run over a beautiful woman. Alex is intrigued by Joy and wants to continue their burgeoning…friendship (or whatever it is). For the first time in a long while, Alex has found a woman who interests him, and Joy seems perfect for him. But he recently got burned by another woman who pretended to love him and he's careful about plunging headfirst into another relationship. However, it doesn't stop Alex from giving into the passion that explodes between him and Joy. But how will Alex react when he learns Joy has been lying to him?

After Joy got fired from her longtime job as a chef with the Marshall family, she decided a change in scenery was needed. Her ex employer's son was sympathetic to her plight and offered her the use of his parents' home in Vail—as long as they don't find out. This means that Joy can't tell anyone where she is, or as in the case of Alex, who really owns the grand vacation home she's occupying. As the lies told to Alex continue to mount, Joy feels even more guilty. Yet, there's no denying, or resisting, the strong sexual attraction between them.

Unfortunately, Alex's trust issues could end with him hating Joy in SNOWED IN WITH A BILLIONAIRE. He went through a bad relationship with another woman, and if he finds out Joy isn't truthful to him, one can see that things will end badly for them. But, deep down, Joy is a wonderful person who just got put into a bad spot by her vengeful former employer. Alex enjoys Joy's cooking skills, but he particularly enjoys treating her to some fantastic lovemaking. Their chemistry and ability to get along soon make Joy regret that she has had to lie to Alex. If only…

SNOWED IN WITH A BILLIONAIRE is part of the Secrets of the A-List series, but each book is a standalone with different authors, much like the Billionaires and Babies series. A sexy and entertaining tale that readers won't want to put down, grab a copy of SNOWED IN WITH A BILLIONAIRE today.

Patti Fischer