Billionaires and Babies Series
Harlequin Desire #2509
ISBN: 978-0-373-83836-3
April 2017
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City Present Day

Billionaire Aiden Langford has been ignoring Sarah Daltrey's emails and phone calls for a few weeks, so she decides to show up at his company and confront him. The reason for her insistence is that she wants to turn over to him a child he didn't know existed. Turns out a fling Aiden once had led to a baby boy. The baby's mother died of cancer a month ago, and Sarah is the temporary guardian. Aiden is stunned at the news that he has a son, but after looking at the boy, realizes it must be true. The only problem is, he's not prepared to take care of a child and asks Sarah to stay with him until he hires a nanny. She agrees to stay for ten days.

Moving in with Aiden turns out to be an eye-opener for Sarah. Yes, she knew he's rich, but his four-story home on top of a building is breathtaking. Of course, Aiden himself is intriguing, and Sarah soon finds herself attracted to him. Meanwhile, father and son get to know one another. Sarah is falling for the billionaire bachelor father, and leaving them will tear at her heart. Aiden wants a temporary fling, but Sarah has already done that before, and it ended badly. However, as much as she tries to keep him at arm's length, it proves futile.

An unexpected bundle of joy for Aiden in THE TEN-DAY BABY TAKEOVER brings a baby and the baby's temporary guardian into his life. Up until now, he hasn't had to worry about family responsibilities, and he preferred it that way, especially after struggling with the knowledge that the man who raised him isn't his real father. At first, Aiden didn't believe Sarah when she said the baby, Oliver, was his, but a telltale birthmark seals the deal. Feeling overwhelmed, he asks Sarah to stay until a nanny is in place and everything is settled with Oliver. After all, she's a former nanny turned fashion entrepreneur and certainly efficient to take care of his son. But she agrees to only stay ten days. Meanwhile, as part of their agreement, Aiden starts the wheels in motion to help Sarah expand her fledging company.

Sarah once was a nanny, but after getting involved with her employer, she doesn't want to do something like that all over again. Yes, Aiden is attractive and indicates he wouldn't mind a fling with her, but this isn't going to happen again. However, they're soon settling in nicely, almost like a real family. What will happen if Sarah gives into Aiden's charm? Will she stay beyond the ten days?

Sarah agreed to help with Aiden's transition to being a father, but didn't anticipate she'd be falling for the sexy billionaire. An engaging and sensual romance, pick up THE TEN-DAY BABY TAKEOVER and find out what happens to Aiden, Sarah and Oliver.

Patti Fischer