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Harlequin Desire #21A
ISBN: 978-1-335-45783-7
October 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City & Las Vegas – Present Day

Paige Moss and Zach Armstrong are rival sports agents, but they operate differently. Paige represents women sports athletes while Zach represents men. However, he has approached his stepfather, who is retired after founding the company, about taking on female athletes. This would mean encroaching on Paige’s territory, and he knows there is some hostility between her and his stepfather. Zach runs into her at the women’s basketball draft and discusses meeting with her, but it’s more about the fact that he’s attracted to her than that he wants to do business with her. She refuses.

What happens in Vegas should stay there…except she finally gives in to his requests to meet her. After a sizzling night together during an agents’ conference weekend, they discover that they can’t get enough of each other. Paige and Zach keep their affair secret but he’s ready to show to the world that she is the one for him. On the other hand, Paige is resistant because she doesn’t like his stepfather, and because there is a ten-year age difference between her and Zach. 

Zach learned from the best in the business and wants to prove to his stepfather that he will make him proud. While business is good, he sees an opportunity to expand their clientele by adding female athletes. In particular, there is the top women’s basketball draft pick who is represented by Paige. Zach isn’t going after her, but he feels that he could do better for her. Paige accuses him of trying to steal her client. The problem is that some companies would rather deal with a male agent than a female one. Can Paige prove she is just as good as Zach?

Meanwhile, as much as Paige tries to resist Zach, he is too irresistible. He could have any woman, but he wants Paige. They get along well in bed and soon discover they share the same interests. Zach’s stepfather has been a thorn in Paige’s side for a few years, especially when he interfered with her then-husband, which led to their breakup. It’s clear that Zach’s stepfather doesn’t like Paige. Is it due to misogyny? Despite the odds, Zach wants to keep Paige in his life. Will he go against his stepfather’s wishes? Will something happen that threatens their relationship?

An unusual and intriguing tale, THEIR AFTER HOURS PLAYBOOK is a read that I highly recommend. Paige and Zach are smart, sexy, and likable—and easy to root for. 

Patti Fischer

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