ROOKIE MOVE - Sarina Bowen
Brooklyn Bruisers , Book 1
A Perfect 10
ISBN: 978-0-399-58343-8
September 2016
Contemporary Romance

Brooklyn, New York - Present Day

Georgia's life is going great. She's the interim head of the PR department for the Brooklyn Bruisers, her father has just been hired as the head coach, and her best friend works in the same building so she can give her all the new and best gossip. But somehow, she doesn't get a heads up about the rookie joining the team, and she desperately needed that advance notice since the new player is Leo Trevi—her first, and only, love.

Leo has finally made it to a big team in the NHL, and he can't wait to get started. But he's more than just gained a bunch of cool teammates, he's gotten a second chance at showing Georgia they were meant to be. He never understood why she left him years ago, and he's never moved on. Now, this rookie is going to bring out his best plays to prove he's the right fit for the team - and the right fit for Georgia.

ROOKIE MOVE is a fantastic start to Sarina Bowen's new series. This is more than just a second-chance romance, this is two people realizing they had just been going through the motions instead of really living their life. Georgia had a terrible incident in her senior year of high school that lead to their break up, and the author deserves high praise for showing how Georgia has gotten past it, or learned to deal with her fear.

This book deserves the Perfect 10 rating because it is more than just a page turner; ROOKIE MOVE is something special. Incredibly well written, emotionally engaging, and with characters I can't wait to see more of, the Brooklyn Bruisers series should be on everyone's watch list, and ROOKIE MOVE deserves a place of honor on everyone's shelf.

ROOKIE MOVE will be followed by HARD HITTER, coming January 2017, and book three, PIPE DREAMS, will be releasing in May 2017. This series is listed as a spin-off of Bowen's Ivy Years series, but there is no prior knowledge required to enjoy ROOKIE MOVE.

Amanda Toth