The Playful Brides Series , Book Six
St. Martin's
ISBN: 978-1-250-07259-7
November 2016
Regency Romance

Scotland and England 1816

Christian Bancroft, Viscount Berkeley, has left behind the boring halls of London for his Scottish hunting lodge where he doesn't have to be a viscount and can just be Christian. But upon his arrival, he finds a young lady living in his abode. Her feisty response to his question of why she is there, for she doesn't realize he is a viscount, surprises him, and her stunning beauty takes his breath away.

Sarah Highgate has fled her home after finding out that she is betrothed to a totally boring highborn man. She is far from ready for marriage, and would rather choose her own husband. After arriving at the wrong lodge in Scotland, her chaperone injures herself, and Christian's servant takes her to the village for medical help. Unfortunately, a severe snow storm prevents them returning. When Christian arrives, Sarah is put in an awkward situation, for her reputation would be ruined if it were discovered that she was alone with a man for several days in his house. But Christian assures her that he will protect her reputation if she will help him become someone who is attractive to the young ladies of the ton so that he can find a wife.

THE LEGENDARY LORD is a sweet story of two people who are obviously made for each other, but due to the circumstances (initially, Sarah is unaware of Christian's status), they work at odds to one another.

Well written with great characters, I enjoyed this tale and highly recommend THE LEGENDARY LORD.

Jani Brooks