The Pearl House , Book 8
Harlequin Desire #2794
ISBN: 978-1-335-23279-3
March 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

Miami, Florida – Present Day

Spa owner Allegra Mallory is required by the will of her late great-aunt Esme to share—and live with—billionaire Tobias Hunt for a month at Esme's estate, or she will lose Esme's portion of the spa. While for most people that wouldn't be too much of a big deal, for Allegra, it's almost an impossible request because Tobias and she had a one-night stand two years ago. After their blistering night together, he walked out of her life, leaving her heartbroken. Now she is being forced to live with him, and she knows that she can't tempt fate—or her heart—again. But as much as Allegra wishes she could ignore the requirements of the will, the spa is her baby, and she must comply. Hopefully, she can avoid Tobias…

Tobias never forgot Allegra, but his life at the time of their one-night stand was a mess. Now he wants to make it up to her even though she doesn't want anything to do with him. Then, Allegra throws a curveball into his seduction plans: she's engaged. Tobias immediately suspects that the fiancé is a fake, and he's determined to prove it by hiring a private investigator. Meanwhile, Allegra and Tobias move into Esme's house and start cohabiting together. Of course, such close quarters lead to a physical attraction that won't quit. Will Tobias get Allegra back into his bed, and if he's successful, does he want her to stay there?

For four years prior to their one-night stand, Allegra had been attracted to Tobias, but he was with another woman and unavailable. But two years ago, she thought he was free, and they could then be together. While he took what she offered, he went running to another woman. Piqued at being dumped, Allegra vowed to try and never put herself in a position to be wooed by Tobias again. Living together—alone—under one roof would present a serious challenge to her vow, so she comes up with a fake fiancé. Unfortunately, the guy isn't too convincing—and is careless—so it doesn't take long for Tobias to figure out she's lying. When will he confront her with the truth?

The sexual chemistry between Tobias and Allegra is off the charts in HOW TO LIVE WITH TEMPTATION by Fiona Brand. While this tale is part of The Pearl House series and we do see a brief glimpse of a character from one of the earlier books, this one is totally about the romance between Allegra and Tobias. They have unfinished business together and a lot of misunderstandings that stand in their way. Will they find their way to love…and a happily-ever-after? Don't miss the sizzle and pop of their romance in HOW TO LIVE WITH TEMPTATION.

Patti Fischer