The Pearl House series
Harlequin Desire #2706
ISBN: 978-1-335-60408-8
December 2019
Contemporary Series Romance

Miami – Present Day

A year ago, Ben Sabin and Sophie Messena had a steamy one-night stand. But by the morning, Ben had left Sophie's bed and she hasn't seen him since—until now. Ben is currently involved in a business deal with Sophie's brother and he runs into her in Miami. One thing leads to another and, once again, they end up in bed together. But, like the last time, Ben walks out on her the next morning without an explanation. This leaves Sophie confused, as she wants to see where their relationship will go, but Ben won't even consider it. Then he begins to show an interest in her twin sister, Francesca, including asking her to accompany him on a business trip to an island off the Florida coast. Sophie gets the bright idea that she and her sister switch places. Will it work? Will the sparks that are clearly there between Ben and Sophie lead to more than an occasional one-night stand?

Ben sees Sophie as a woman who is not his type, yet when he's around her, he finds her irresistible. Add in that her brother, Nick, has warned him to stay away from her, then one could understand why he is hesitant to have an affair with her. Yet, there's no denying the sparks are there, and even as he tries to avoid being in tempting situations around her, there's no way to avoid it in Miami. Meanwhile, Ben is dealing with another problem involving the daughter of another business partner. In this case, the woman is definitely not his type and is stalking him. Ben discovers that this woman will be at the business function and decides he needs a decoy “date” to help dissuade her. He looks to Francesca for help and she agrees. When Sophie arrives to meet him for the business trip looking like Francesca, will he figure out the charade?

TWIN SCANDALS is part of a connecting series by author Fiona Brand called The Pearl House , but this tale is a standalone even though there are a few scenes where characters from prior books appear. The Messena family is rich and powerful, with the twin sisters seen as needing their family's protection. This is why Nick Messena warned Ben off Sophie the first time. But Nick didn't realize how powerful the couple's attraction was—and still is. Sophie is practically obsessed with Ben as she pursues him, yet she doesn't see it as love or a trip down the aisle. Or, at least at first. Will they finally realize they are meant for each other?

A cat and mouse game of romance is one that readers won't want to miss. Be sure to grab a copy of TWIN SCANDALS.

Patti Fischer