BEST LAID PLANS – Allison Brennan
Lucy Kincaid Series , Book 9
St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-06432-5
August 2015

San Antonio, Texas, the Present

Be prepared for non-stop suspense in the opening chapter of BEST LAID PLANS; it's a grabber. A young prostitute who had been hired to compromise a john is dismayed—to say the least—when he dies before she finishes setting him up in the cheesy motel room. No matter, though, she's committed to finishing the job, get paid, and move on to her next assignment. The victim isHarper Worthington, the successful head of an international accounting firm with ties to the government…one of those ties being his wife, U. S. Representative Adeline Reyes-Worthington.

When the coroner refrains from calling Worthington's death accidental or natural, the FBI assigns two agents to the case, Barry Crawford, a by-the-book veteran, and Lucy Kincaid, a rookie who worked her tail off to become an FBI agent. Lucy's boyfriend Sean Rogan, a private investigator with awesome computer skills, lends her a discreet hand from time to time…and loves her with his whole heart.

The above is the very bare bones of this detailed and complex thriller with a riveting plot, a large cast, and deep characterizations. Over the course of several books, Lucy and Sean's relationship has matured, even though Lucy recently had a setback in her healing. (She suffered grievously in her young life.)

It's possible to jump into this series this far along, though it would be best to have read at least some of the earlier books. There are even other series set in the same world as this one. However, if you find yourself in a quandary, Ms. Brennan's website gives a lot of information on the main characters, and even a summary of the Lucy Kincaid books.

Those who have been following Lucy and her family already know they are in for another treat with BEST LAID PLANS and surely look forward to next November and NO GOOD DEED.

As a bonus, Maximum Exposure, a new novella starring Maxine Revere, can be found in the back of the book.

Jane Bowers