SILENCED Allison Brennan
The Lucy Kincaid Series , Book 5
St. Martin 's paperbacks
ISBN: 978-1-250-00595-3
May 2012

Present Day Washington, D.C.

A married U.S. congressman has recently been publicly outed as having a mistress; that mistress is found murdered.

Ivy Harris escaped from a horrid home at fourteen and made a living selling the only thing she has of value, her body. But now that she's rescued her younger sister from the same fate, she's gathering the means to flee to Canada when fire destroys her house. Ivy, her sister, and all the other girls Ivy was helping to leave the life get out alive.

Lucy Kincaid has a few weeks to go before she enters the FBI academy. Meanwhile, she works as an analyst tracking online predators. Her trainer, Noah Armstrong, asks her to help in his investigation into the murder of the congressman's lover. When another young woman is killed, it looks as though the same person may be responsible. What is the connection among the victims? There are secrets and motives to be found, and uncovering the answers brings back old, hurtful memories from Lucy's past. Thankfully, her boyfriend, private investigator Sean Rogan, returns to town. He's her anchor.

Ms. Brennan weaves many threads into SILENCED to produce an enthralling story. Besides the mystery of the who's and whys of the killings, she includes political shenanigans within the government agencies involved. Even more of interest is the insight she gives us into the hearts and minds of various characters, especially Lucy's and ivy's, and even the killer's.

Lucy Kincaid is a highly sympathetic heroine herself in addition to being empathetic toward others. We've watched her evolve through four previous books and are promised at least two more to come. Check out the titles at the author's website at and get in on the adventures.

Jane Bowers