STALKED – Allison Brennan
A Lucy Kincaid Novel , Book 6
St. Martin's Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-250-00596-0
November 2012

New York and the Washington, D.C. Area – the Present

Lucy Kincaid suffered two life changing experiences: the first when she was seven and her best friend—who happened to be her nephew, also seven—was kidnapped and killed. The second incident happened just seven years ago when Lucy, herself, was kidnapped, repeatedly raped, and nearly killed. She's dedicated her life to seeing others do not suffer as she did. Lucy has a masters degree in criminal psychology and a determination to join the FBI. She helped them on a serial strangler case as a civilian consultant and is at present in training at the FBI Academy in Quantico. Her traumas have left a few quirks in her personality; she can't stand being the center of attention; she only wants to blend in. A crime reporter and author of a sensational true crime book, Rosemary Weber, recently called Lucy to interview her about the case she worked on, but Lucy refused. Her connection with it is known only to a few, and she wants it to stay that way. But now Weber has been murdered, perhaps by someone who doesn't want that story to be told. It may also have a connection to the fifteen years-ago kidnap and murder of Rachel McMahon, the subject of Weber's first book.

STALKED is packed with characters, major and minor, many of whom are members of the FBI. Some are special agents, some fellow new agents-in-training with Lucy. Special Agent Suzanne Madeaux, of the New York office with whom Lucy has worked, heads up the Weber case. Other persons of note are Lucy's boyfriend, private investigator Sean Rogan, and Madeaux's ex lover NYPD detective Jo DeLucca. As the case evolves, friends and mentors of Lucy's in the FBI become involved as well, some to their loss.

There is a lot to take in in the first chapters of STALKED as people (too many to list here) are introduced and information on the past crimes is given. One of the most moving features are the occasional remembrances of that killing of Rachel McMahon. These are told in first person by her brother, Peter, beginning when she was twelve and he nine. These chapters advance in time and are interspersed throughout. He eventually becomes the object of a search.

The novels featuring Lucy Kincaid and her cohorts are marked with deep characterizations and details of the workings of investigations by private eyes, the police, and the FBI. This one seemed to take a while to really grab my attention (except for the Petey chapters), but eventually it did.

STALKED follows book five, SILENCED, and numbers four to one: IF I SHOULD DIE; KISS ME, KILL ME; LOVE IS MURDER (a novella and prequel); and LOVE ME TO DEATH. It would help to have read some or all of the earlier books before this one, for many of the characters are recurring ones. The next novel, STOLEN, is scheduled for release in June of 2013.

Catch the latest in this series as Lucy continues to evolve in strength and wisdom. She is getting over her panic attacks when she's the focus of all eyes and is even making friends. But she's not being paranoid when she senses animosity.

Jane Bowers