CHASE Sidney Bristol
Hot Rides
, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-3925-9
December 2016
Romantic Suspense

Miami, Florida Present Day

The Classic Rides Crew is working undercover as a car repair shop in Miami. Recently, their FBI handler, CJ, lost his wife when she was murdered, and he has left the crew.  Gabriel Ortiz has been at Classic Rides for four years since he left the FBI in Washington, D.C. and his old girlfriend, Nikki Gage.  Nikki has just come into their garage as their next handler, and Gabriel isn't sure he can stand being around her again.  Leaving her was the hardest thing he had to do, but he knew he would never be comfortable being a Special Agent like Nikki; he was more a man of action.  Their latest gig for the FBI concerns a man named Brady Wilson who is starting militant cells in the area.  What could his purpose be?

Nikki was the professional and Gabriel did the dirty work all those years ago, but he mainly tried to protect her and keep her out of the field.  When he left, Nikki knew she was pathetic, sleeping in his old tee shirts, but he left a hole inside her that hasn't healed to this day.  Now she wonders why CJ, the old handler, set her up by sending her to Miami.  All the people at Classic Rides pretty much run their assignments their own way and aren't used to much direction.  On her new crew is Aiden, owner of Classic Rides, which really does work on cars, especially race cars, and Roni and her twin sister, Tori; Emery, their computer expert; Julian, and Madison, Aiden's girlfriend.

Brady Wilson is recruiting ex-military men with PTSD, and has succeeded in convincing them they are overseas and the enemies are all around them, and they need to bomb everyone that Brady tells them to. Large events are how Brady wants to create turmoil by detonating bombs, and it is Classic Rides' job to find out where these explosions are destined for.

Sidney Bristol is continuing the story of the Classic Rides crew, part garage, part racing repair shop, and undercover FBI.  They have come through some difficult times with their leader CJ's wife killed recently and his stepping down.  Told from Nikki's and Gabriel's points of view, Gabriel was all about protecting Nikki and not letting her get her hands dirty on missions.  Since Gabriel left, Nikki has much more field experience, but their getting together again wouldn't solve Gabriel's problem of fear for Nikki's safety.  Gabriel has missed Nikki every day of the last four years, and now, with her back again, every emotion explodes inside both of them.  Is there some way they could compromise?  But Nikki won't resign her job, and Gabriel still can't live without keeping Nikki safe.

Secondary characters are all the workers at Classic Rides who depend on each other in every mission they go on.  Brady Wilson is leading men determined to cause trouble in Miami.

CHASE is book three in the Hot Rides series following SHIFT and DRIVE (July and February, 2016).  Gabriel and Nikki never forgot each other, and the passion cannot be denied between them.  This suspenseful story finds them going against a bomber and their past.  See if their past can be overcome and make for a successful future.

Carolyn Crisher