SOME KIND OF HERO – Suzanne Brockmann
A Troubleshooters Novel , Book 19
Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-345-54382-0
July 2017
Romantic Suspense

Present Day San Diego, California

Shayla Whitman, popular author of romantic thrillers, drives home completely unaware that she is about to begin an adventure of her own . . . one every bit as exciting, if not more so, than those she writes. She becomes aware of a man by the road ahead obviously looking for a ride. She recognizes him as the hot Navy SEAL who recently moved in across the street from her house. (They haven't met, but she's thoroughly checked him out, especially enjoying the view from behind.) She stops to help, and he quickly jumps into her car. It seems his daughter Maddie, fifteen, has been missing since yesterday morning, and he just saw her getting into a car ahead. There follows a rapid chase as single dad Lieutenant Peter Green fills Shayla in on his sad story. As a single mom of two teenage boys, her heart goes out to him. The chase takes them into a parking garage, but they don't find Maddie.

SOME KIND OF HERO is a complex, character rich tale that leads readers on a thrilling adventure of their own. The narrative and dialogue vary from humorous to serious, to sexy, but always lively. The characters run from family and friends to nasty and dangerous criminals. There is even a fictional one who speaks in Shayla's mind. No; she's not crazy, just creative.

This is my first Troubleshooter novel, but I'm thinking fans of the series might recognize Navy SEALs from earlier books. Lieutenant Green is certainly “some kind of hero” as the title states. And Shayla is also likable, even admirable. Come July, you all should be ready for a hot read such as this one.

Jane Bowers