Happy, Texas  - Book 2
ISBN-13:   978-1-45559-747-5
October 2017
Contemporary Romance

Happy, Texas - Present Day

Kasey Dawson McKay is searching for her eight year old son, Rustin, whom she believes has wandered onto on her neighbor's ranch.  In the distance, she sees the tall cowboy throw Rustin over his shoulders and start running.  Kasey dashes to rescue her child, and when she catches up to them, the man introduces himself as Nash Lamont.  He insists he meant no harm, and that he must have had a flashback, thinking he was back in Afghanistan saving the life of a child named Ahmid.  Nash apologizes to Kasey and they each go their separate ways, Nash back to his Uncle Henry's ranch where he is now staying, and Kasey back to the Hope Springs Ranch where she lives.

Suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), Nash moved to Happy, Texas to heal, try to forget the horrors of war, and maybe get his life back.  If he had known he was anywhere near Adam McKay's widow, he would have run as far away as he could get from this tiny Texas town.  Part of the healing process is dealing with the bad memories, but Nash carries too many of those.  He also guards a multitude of dark secrets that he cannot speak of to anyone, let alone Adam McKay's widow.

Kasey is upset over her reaction to this sexy and handsome neighbor.  After her husband's death two years ago, she hasn't wanted, nor expected, to be attracted to any other man.  She has three children to raise and no time for dating or romance.  Unfortunately, every time she bumps into Nash Lamont, her quivering insides and her hormones have other plans.

LONG, TALL COWBOY CHRISTMAS is a wonderful and romantic story! Nash doesn't plan to fall in love with the lovely Kasey, but as circumstances change, and he and the beautiful widow end up living together in the same house, along with her three children and a passel of pets, Nash's heart begins to soften.  If only he could bring himself to admit his past and his connection to her dead husband.

Wonderful characters populate the pages of LONG, TALL COWBOY CHRISTMAS.  This is a great novel which continues the story of the Dawson family in this wonderful little Texas town of Happy, Texas.  Nash and Kasey share a passionate and fevered romance that's chock full of bits of mystery and lots of secrets, with a romantic and happy ending.  Enjoy!

LONG, TALL COWBOY CHRISTMAS is the second installment of the  Happy, Texas Series , following THE TOUGHEST COWBOY IN TEXAS, June 2017; and next up is LUCKIEST COWBOY OF ALL, coming in February 2018.  The  Happy, Texas Series  of books follows the Lucky Penny Ranch Series, which are the original stories about the Dawson family.  (Please see the author's website,  www.carolynbrownbooks.com , for her backlist)

Diana Risso