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ON THE WAY TO US – Carolyn Brown
Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN: 978-1728280059
December 12, 2023
Contemporary Romance

Texas & Oklahoma – Present Day

Mercy Spenser is helping out her friend in West Texas at a charitable mission when one day the music from the cantina next door gets too loud to hear over the church singing. Mercy marches over to the cantina and demands to the man in charge that he must turn the music down. He introduces himself as Hunter Wilson and only smirks at her in response. After a brief standoff, he finally agrees, and it is then that they both realize there are some sparks flying between them. Mercy wouldn’t mind getting to know Hunter, but her friend is appalled that she would even think about hanging around a sinner like Hunter. Mercy soon leaves to return home. 

Hunter can’t get Mercy out of his mind, so he does some searching and finds her in her hometown in Oklahoma. The sparks continue to fly and though Mercy likes Hunter, she is told by her friends that he is all wrong for her. Too bad her heart doesn’t feel the same way. Thus begins a courtship between them that is on, then off, then back on. Too many outside forces see Mercy and Hunter as being wrong for each other, but they can’t ever seem to totally quit the other. 

ON THE WAY TO US is a cute little story with some funny scenes thrown in. Mercy and Hunter are instantly attracted to each other, but she can’t believe that he is as good as he claims to be. Turns out that Hunter was only helping a friend at the cantina, and his real home is on a Texas ranch. Hunter hides the fact that he is rich for fear of attracting gold diggers. But once Mercy realizes it, she doesn’t care. She is more concerned about why the female vultures keep trying to warn her off from Hunter. In this tale, they go back and forth over whether they are going to date. He is persistent, and she would rather see him, even if it means losing the friendship of her best friend.

Who will win in the end in ON THE WAY TO US as Mercy and Hunter battle their feelings for each other? There are plenty of faith-based leanings in this tale, but Mercy isn’t a virgin. If she likes a man, she isn’t holding out for marriage. But in the end, their faith in each other will decide their future. An intriguing tale that is both fun and dramatic, don’t miss grabbing a copy of ON THE WAY TO US.

Patti Fischer

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