DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? - Margaret Brownley
Second Chance at Star Inn
St. Martin's Swerve
November 2016
Contemporary Holiday Romance

Heywood, Oregon - Present Day

Sally Cartwright has come back to Heywood until after Christmas, when, hopefully, her grandmother will be out of the care facility and back into her own home after her broken leg heals.  Sally's life is in California, and even though she just recently lost her job, she has to get back as quickly as possible to start a new one.  She's almost to Heywood when her car skids into a snow bank, leaving her no choice but to find her way across the frozen ground to the Star Inn.

Rick Talbot moved away to Denver but returned to help his father run the mill, and then, after his Dad died, he found himself in charge of the mill and all the jobs that go with it.  The lumber business hasn't been good for Oregon lately, and Rick has had to lay a lot of people off.  He's hoping to find some way to increase business so he can return people to their jobs, but tonight he's staying at the Star Inn temporarily.  And who does he find has just arrived?  None other than Sally Cartwright, his old flame, and the same woman who brought about the demise of his family's business.

A short novella, DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR? is a romantic Christmas story for the holiday season.  Rick and Sally set out to save the town's Christmas pageant and bring one little boy's father home, and in doing so, they find themselves falling in love once again, despite the things that tore them apart.  Can there be a happily-ever-after for this couple?  Find out in this sweet holiday romance.

Diana Risso