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Cress Brothers, Book 5
Harlequin Desire #20B
ISBN: 978-1-335-45782-0
October 2023
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

While at his fifteen-year high school class reunion, wealthy chef Lucas Cress runs into a woman he can’t forget. When they attended school together, heiress Eve Villar embarrassed Lucas, who had a crush on her. Back then, he was overweight, and she belonged to the snobbish cliché of mean girls. But Lucas has not only lost the weight, but he works out and is highly sought out for dates by women. After Eve expresses interest in the new Lucas, he devises a plan of revenge. He would bed her and then drop her. 

What Lucas is not aware of is that Eve is no longer the snobbish girl from high school. She did run in the high-class society, but it all came to an end after she was a passenger in a car accident that killed her boyfriend and others after a night of debauchery. She gave away her trust fund and started a lifeguard business. She regrets what she did to Lucas when they were schoolmates and even apologizes to him. However, he thinks she doesn’t mean it and continues his plan. Lucas does get her into his bed, but their affair continues off and on for weeks. How long will it be before Lucas abandons his plan of revenge and realizes that he truly cares for Eve?

THE MARRIAGE DEADLINE takes place over several months. There is the cat and mouse game Lucas and Eve play at first as they express their interest in each other. They both went in for a night of sex but soon discovered that they couldn’t get enough of each other. Due to their busy schedules, they have to work out their time schedule so they can get together. It’s clear to readers that they are slowly and surely falling in love, yet they think that the other is not marriage material. However, Lucas is looking for a potential wife, and Eve isn’t on the list! He can’t forgive her for what happened in high school even though she seems sincere in her apology. 

Eve and Lucas run in the same circles, so they are bound to meet each other. In THE MARRIAGE DEADLINE, they have plenty of sensual scenes as they are insatiable for each other. They try to keep their distance when they realize that they are becoming addicted to the sex between them. But they cannot stay apart, and Lucas slowly begins to realize that Eve might be his perfect marriage candidate. However, she still suffers from the guilt she experienced due to the accident. If only she hadn’t been that selfish person, then maybe the people who died in the accident would still be alive. This keeps her from committing fully to Lucas.

A highly emotional and intriguing tale, readers should not miss THE MARRIAGE DEADLINE.

Patti Fischer

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