THE REBEL HEIR – Niobia Bryant
Harlequin Desire #2807
ISBN: 978-1-335-23292-2
June 2021
Contemporary Series Romance

New York City – Present Day

Jillian Rossi is the Cress family's chef, but it doesn't stop one of the prodigal sons, Cole Cress, from wanting—and bedding—her. Their affair is done in secrecy, but his mother, Nicolette, learns of it and offers Jillian an offer she can't refuse: a chef's position in one of the family's top restaurants in San Francisco. Cole is angry that Jillian accepted the job because it reminds him of another woman that he fell for who was only using him to further her career and social standing. Cole and Jillian go their separate ways, but neither can forget the other.

Jillian only chose the job over Cole because she needs the lucrative money offered so that she can pay off the debts she incurred during a failed restaurant venture. She's sorry that Cole is angry at her, but she would have been without a job if she chose him. Visiting New York City several weeks later, she runs into Cole. The fiery desire still burns deep between them. They are attracted to each other like a moth to a flame. Will their affair soon resume?

Cole is also angry at his mother's interference in his personal life because it isn't the first time his mother has interceded in one of her sons' romances. Nicolette is bent on controlling who her sons date—or marry. But Cole's brother Gabe overcame their mother's interference and is now engaged to their former housekeeper, Monica. Gabe and Monica's tale is told in ONE NIGHT WITH CINDERELLA, out now. Cole tries to avoid his mother, but since he is part of the family business, it's hard not to see her. Meanwhile, he can't stop thinking about Jillian—and wanting her even more once they encounter each other again. Theirs is an unconventional relationship. Can they make it last forever?

Cole Cress is the rebel son in THE REBEL HEIR by Niobia Bryant. He has pretty much done whatever he wants, much to his parents' displeasure. The moment he spots Jillian in the massive home he shares with his parents, Cole wants her. It didn't take long to lure her to his bed. Their affair would no doubt scandalize the upper crust society his family is a part of, but he doesn't care. Cole and Jillian went into the affair with no strings attached, yet there is that bond between them that is hard to break. They feel that they have no future together yet are continually drawn to each other. When Cole and Jillian finally realize they love one another, can they make it work despite the opposition from his family?

THE REBEL HEIR takes place over several months, starting with Cole and Jillian in the midst of their affair. Shortly thereafter, his mother intercedes, and the longing and wanting begins. An emotional read from the start, don't miss THE REBEL HEIR.

Patti Fischer